Saturday, May 31, 2008

7 Months

Another month has come and gone sigh......
Here are some 7 month old facts.

She has 2 bottom teeth and is getting her 2 top teeth.
(which explains her sheer happiness)
She crawls everywhere.
She chews on everything. (she's like the puppy we will never have)
She loves to be thrown in air & to be hung upside down. (circus monkey)
She likes her Sweet Potatoes warm.
Any form of fruit gives her the food shudder something fierce.
She loves to pull hair.
She's getting more hair herself and it's coming in blonde.
She is a very smiley baby.
She is a Daddy's girl.
She is absolutely ADORABLE & we LOVE her to pieces!
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  1. Great sell! :) I'll take one!
    Sweet potatoes warm, how stinkin cute is that!

  2. ♡ She's getting so big! She like Daddy now!!! Yay!!! :)

  3. Oh, she's just too dang cute!

    And P.S. You have the best blog music!

  4. she is so cute-i think part of what makes her so super cute is every pic I have ever seen of her-she is grinning!!! How the the sickness and poop problem? Better i hope!

  5. she is so cute! our baby update, crawls like a frog, almost no hair, 2 teeth with 2 begging to come completely through. we may never catch up to your sweet babe! i love it

  6. ok babe-I want you to decorate your porch. Most of the things on my porch including the pots were found at the d.i (thrift store) and I used a red can of spray paint. So I challenge you little talented thing you-really, do it, it will make you happy every time you come home-I promise! So-what to you say-I will decoarte my back deck, while you are decorating your front porch. So-lets do it together. We have until next Saturday. It will do us both good. What do you say? I am totally serious on this one-totally. i want you to do this! PLEASE PLEASE pretty please!

  7. Ah......another month has come and gone? She's still as cute as ever. I'll take her. Wait? She's not for sale? Bummer.

  8. Too CUTE! She is growing up too fast! Can't you slow her down?!

    Good luck with all of the other "stuff" you are dealing with.

  9. What a doll. We've got to get our kids together. Your girl is seven months, mine boy is nine months. We could have an arranged marriage :)

  10. she's like the puppy we never had. HA HA!

  11. xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxooxto this cutie, glad she is our's but she is a beauitful like all the other's that live at your home. oh where is the time fly? love G.-gM.

  12. Those pics remind me of when I took couch pictures of Ginger. :)
    She has grown so fast. It seems like you just had her. cute baby!..just want to squeeze her :)


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