Monday, May 26, 2008

What A Weekend

1. Jentry mowed the lawn

2. I finished my scrapbook page. (only took me 24 hours, it's not fabulous but it's done & frankly I just don't care anymore)

3. Took pictures of my Lilac bush. (cause she's finally growing)

4. Lloyd fixed our toilet (we had a wax ring fallout SICK)

5. Lloyd put up the rest of the bead board in la' bathroom YIPPEE

6. Took a MAJOR load of stuff to the recycle center in the pouring rain.

7. Went to Wal-Mart with all 5 kids (I so seriously love that my kids are good for me when we go to stores) and watched Brinley throw up twice as we were checking out. That was fun.

8. Took dinner to one of my Visiting Teaching ladies (her and hubby have pneumonia)

9. Cleaned up throw up on the bathroom floor.

10. Did 4 loads of laundry.

11. Dealing (still) with septic problems because the water table is so high.

12. Still trying to find Parker's missing web book. Grrrrrrr.....

13. Almost forgot this one. Went to church and they had far too many speakers for 1 hr. so Lloyd once again got bumped on giving his talk, yes this has happened before. Glad he did all that preparing for nothing.

14. And to top everything off I am pretty sure I have eaten my body weight in chocolate. Sigh..... I am such a stress eater.....Need I go on?

Hope everyone else had better weekend than us!

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  1. oh-i feel for you. The throw up addition did not make your holiday any better. That is one of the worst bodily functions-always ten times worse when it comes from someone little who can't make it where they are supposed to and you can't yell, the throwing up part was bad enough. Any consolation-I love the scrapbook page. SUper CuTe! Tomorrow can only getter. Hang in there. Go in a corner and sneak some chocolate while the kiddies are watching a movie. it helps if you are hiding under a blanket in the corner, that way no one can see the chocolate.
    Did you find parkers book?

  2. ooohh poor brinley! do what the spaniards do when they get sick, drink hot lemon tea with honey and put on a neck brace. seriously that is their cure for everything. nice page for the scrappin' and did jentry put up a fight when you asked him to mow the back 40? hope the flu stays with one child and not all the children and parents. (when it came to our house it lingered and hit each one of us even the babe!) better luck to you all. and chocolate for everyone! (except those that are barfing!)

  3. ♡ Yay Jentry can mow tht LAWN!!! Cute page! I love lilac trees... Glad your toilet is fixed now! Sorry about Brinley at walmart that sucks! What the crap you were supposed to call me if they needed dinner! I hate cleaning up puke... I'd be happy not having to speak. Joe would be disappointed though...

  4. I love the lilac bush. I miss mine. Had one at the old house. All the lilacs around here have bloomed and are done already. That smell is addicting! Poor brinley. It's frustrating when you prepare for something like that and could've been helping to clean up puke etc and then it was in naught. I'm sure he was blessed for doing it anyway tho. I think that's what i'm supposed to say right? ;) Our weekend actually wasn't bad. My husband was gone, yeay! And the kids and i had a fun time in Pittsburgh and Columbus on our road trip. I feel for you on yours tho. I hope you paid your crumminess dues and have a great week hun. I agree with that lemon and honey comment too of course. :):):)

  5. oh, that last one just made me laugh. "eating your body weight in chocolate" hahahah that sounds so funny.
    I know, they did have too many speakers. Lloyd should refuse to speak ever again!!!!!!! I know I would be frustrated to spend all that time for Nothing! That's too bad Brinley threw up. I wonder if there is something going around??

  6. Oh, I feel so bad for Brinley and You. That is so hard to deal with away from home. (coming from the kids throw-up-away from home pro) You always feel so bad for the little ones because it is not very fun for them either. I hope she is doing better. Love the scrapbook page. You are so clever. WOW, Jentry, mowing the lawn. I can't wait for Kyle to be able to do that. I absolutely love lilac bushes and that one is sooo pretty in pink. I have simpathy for the toilet wax blowout. I had to change on myself while Ray was on the road once. Yuck! I didn't even know if I could take the toilet apart, but putting it back together even more of a challenge. I always love the holiday weekends that are full of chores! Take care.

  7. Good for Jentry for mowing the lawn. What a great help that is. Your lilac bush is beautiful. Your layout is cute too. Glad you got some stuff taken care of.

    ♥G Merrill


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