Monday, March 24, 2008

A Little Crafty Cuteness

I thought I would post real quick to show that I have been crafty in my past life. I made this pillow for my mom while I was in Utah watching my brother's kids while they went on a cruise (she watched my 2 boys while I was gone) I made this baby WITHOUT scissors. I think it turned out rather well. Considering I used my teeth for cutting thread and ripped the fabric to make the pillow. She is ALWAYS helping us when we need her and and so I thought this pillow was the perfect way to say thank you to my super mom.

And speaking of my mom, she found this C.U.T.E. egg tree at Safeway of all places, and of course they don't have any more at hers and our Safeway never did get any in. IF ANYONE OUT THERE SEE THIS OR TWO OF THEM. Pick it up and I will so send you some moolah! And I totally mean that. I think this baby is so stinking cute. I must find one somewhere.

Okay, I think I should go and finish finding my house. My car yet again threw up in our house. It does this after every trip. So off I go to clean, do laundry and have fun with the kiddies. It's spring break around here and I am bound to find something fun for them to do. Even if it means going to the park in this lovely cold weather. Gasp!
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  1. ♥ I can't believe you made that pillow w/out scissors!!! GOOD JOB! It's very cute! Very cute egg holder too!!!

  2. I am SOOO jealous of your talents. Gosh you are so blessed. I've seen the egg trees but not sure where. If i see one on clearance i'll let you know. Did you try ebay?

  3. Wow, I am not sure I could make a pillow with scissors. Nice work. I agree, the egg tree's are pretty cute. Hope you find one. Have a great spring break!!

  4. that pillow is really cute. Good job. It is awesome that mom still has it.

  5. Rach I am jealous too! You really are a very talented girl. I love the pillow and the egg holder. Very cute!

  6. I bet you could find that egg holder on e-bay!
    That pillow is cute. I like how the sides tie.

  7. darling pillow! No scissors? Wow!

    Love the egg holder too! Wish we had Safeways down here!


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