Monday, March 24, 2008

Scenes From Easter

So I didn't get ANY pictures of the kids in their Easter best. I will so be getting the Bad Mom award this year. We had a crazy 24 hrs while we were in Tri-Cities, we ended up coming home late last night and getting to bed sometime early this morning. There was a lot of trading beds and so forth ( I'll explain later). So anyway. I will post more later but thought I would throw on the few pics that I had. Hope everyone had a great Easter holiday.
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  1. ♥ Love the blue eggs... Is that Corbin hunting eggs? It looks cold there?

  2. You sound like you got as much sleep as i did! Happy Easter.

  3. The kids looked like they had fun. Who cares if you did not get a picture of them in their Easter best. I didn't either. I am glad you had a good Easter. That was a cute picture of Parker with the eggs. Looks like something Kyle would do.


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