Wednesday, March 26, 2008

{ Quilts & Captain Moroni }

I have been trying for a while to find a "cute" and I use the word "cute" lightly as we are talking about a boys room, a "cute boy" quilt so I can make the Boy's bedroom look a little nicer. So while shopping at my mom's neighborhood Wal-Mart I ran across this Camo Quilt.

I knew the boys would love it and of course they didn't have the twin size I needed so, on our way out of town we stopped at another Wal-Mart and they of course had it, but they only had one so I nabbed it.

I have to say I love this quilt in their bedroom. It goes great with their green walls and black bunk bed (that I still need to finish painting) I have to get at least 2 more of these quilts and then we should be good. Thanks Mom for being on the lookout for these. Our local store doesn't carry these (go figure).
They even had a cute patchwork girls set (so totally spring) that I would put in Brinley's room, but seeing as she is pretty much set on bedroom linen decor I had better focus on the boys and then my sights onto our room.
And speaking of our room Wally' s also had some new quilt sets that I would use on our bed. If ya haven't checked out the new spring stuff there you should. This stuff I would have thought one could only find at a Target.

After the quilting of Parker's bed, I told Lloyd that he needed to hang the Captain Moroni picture that my mom had given the boys for one of their birthdays. And this picture is so cool The left picture is of course the painting of Captain Moroni and the right picture is my brother David. He was asked last summer I believe at the last minute to be Captain Moroni in a big Pageant they were having in Spanish Fork. He fit's the bill pretty darn well as he is Mr. Muscle. I wished we could have been there to see him wheeled in on his Chariot.
A funny story to go along with this. Someone there was so impressed with him in his Moroni getup that he was asked to speak at a Priesthood meeting. Lets just say he was the only one NOT wearing a suit. There he was at the pulpit in his Captain Moroni costume feeling a little "exposed". He said it was such an awesome experience. Anyway thought it was cool, and I would share. 

Sorry the above pictures are terrible, the next 3 pictures tell you why.
You have got to love this Oregon Weather & this is all in the span of about 30 minutes. I say Mother Nature is going through Menopause!!!
Happy Spring Break to us!!

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  1. Happy Spring break! I love redecorating rooms. How fun! Spring snow is the best. I love getting one more glimpse of the white stuff before moving on. AWE-SUM!!!!!

  2. ♥ That would have been an awesome priesthood meeting! That's pretty much how I've always imagined Moroni! Love the camo quilt.

    Where have you been lately???

  3. ♥ Do I need to mail you a card??? :)

  4. Mother Nature on Menopause! hahah it's so true! Those quilts do look good! fun!

  5. I like those quilts, very "cute"! Your mom showed me that picture and I love it! How fun for your family!

    I was going to tell you I actually have two blogs it you wanted to check the other one out too. You should be able to go to it from my profile. I keep one as more of a family journal (I have it published into a book every year) and the other one is random stuff.....hence the name!

    I love the pillow in the last post. You ARE so very crafty!!

  6. Do you want to paint my bunk beds while you are at it?? I love the picture of Moroni. Your brother has the look! Very cool.

  7. Ya, us too. I have a picture to post of Karisa and Kyle jumping on the trampoline in a snow storm. It has snowed everyday this week.

  8. such a cute quilt! It's perfect! Love the Moroni picture and story... that is a treasure to have on his wall.

  9. Yes Rachel, Tried 2 more wall-mart, no luck. still on the looksee. the boys room will be great with all 3 beds done. Thank you all for the help over the weekend. Lloyd, your the best. We love you so much for all you do for us. xoxoxo and get better to all you sweet grandkids. love gma, and gnpa, M.

  10. Hey , we had snow for Spring Break too! Love the boys room! Have you looked at for the quilts? Don't know if your store there does the site-to-store free shipping but I love it. Our store here never has anything - the shelves are actually bare. Good luck!
    Hope everyone is well again soon!

  11. Thank u ;-) check out that emo boy hair on this blog:

  12. I wanna know where i can find the camo quilt if anyone knows please e mail me at


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