Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Year Ago

We were lucky enough to go to Ixtapa Mexico. It was a free trip through Lloyds work (although nothing is ever truly free). Cronin paid for the trip it's a company that they order through, & they do a trip every year. ALTHOUGH at the time, I was in no mood for a trip were I had to be social. I was going through a terrible drepression and little did I know that I was also pregnant with Addison which totally explains my extreme fatigue and my sickness while I was there. But here is a little recap of our trip in pictures. I have to say that it was pretty and WARM and it was nice to get away. Enjoy. Yes I know I need to learn to do a collage....
See the black circle-That's our room
Poor Lloyd's scalp was burning-hence the bandana
One of the 3 pools.
The stairs are EVERYWHERE & there TONS OF THEM
One of the FEW pictures of me.
And the HALLS LONNNNGGGGG Our room is clear down on the end near the bright light.
Skinny cars and cool trees
This is how they transport your luggage. Fancy huh!
Our last Dinner in Mexico with Greg & Gina (lloyd works with Greg)

Sunset view from our room

I look terrible in these pictures, not to mention I was about 35 pounds heavier.. Sorry bout' your eye balls.

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  1. can you believe I googled your blog??!! (I really am not a stalker!) You are so talented, your blog is so cute! Just another thing to add to your list of creativity! Have a great day! JoAnna M. (p.s. I want to learn how to quilt!)

  2. Hey Rachel!! That is fun to see. I hadn't gotten to see any before! I love looking at them now, when there is snow outside:) Your pictures are always beautiful! Most of ours from our trip to Mexico was of the road development and bridge building, where are your pictures of the flooring? Thanks for sharing!

  3. I never thought I would see the day with Greg on your blog! Ha Ha!


  4. ♥ Love the sunset picture! Who would have thought just by getting pregant you could loose 35 lbs. I wish! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your awesome trip to Mexico. You also gave me hope that you "can" go back in time to add to your blog. I have finally gotten back into updating mine. I need to learn to personalize it more like yours.

  6. Loyd looked so "tourist meets bandito" ;o).

  7. Ahh, it gives me the travel bug. It's funny how traveling can be stressful at the time and then you look back on it and realize it was truly a fabulous experience. Thanks for sharing the pics. Have a great day.

  8. GREAT PICTURES OF MEXICO.... And love your blog, setup all you do is wonderful. Love Mom.


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