Monday, February 18, 2008

Testing Testing 123

Alrighty everyone just bear with me as I "mess" around with my blog.
I had to get it off of the Valentine motif and am now having issues, there are things that seem to have gone missing that used to be on my blog, but it's late and I'm super tired so I am hanging up my hat for tonight. I don't know if I am in love with this new look, so this will be a work in progress as I figure out what the heck I am doing on here. Okay it's time to start scratching my eyeballs out or just go to bed.... Ummmm bed it is....
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  1. I really like the frame's around the kids!

  2. Wish someone would teach me how to do thsee changes! HEH HEM! ;)

  3. Hi Rachel! I found your blog off Maria's. SO DANG CUTE! You have done a great job with your and Maria's. So... you'll have to tell me how to get all the cute scrap papers onto my blog. I can't figure it out!! Send me an email sometime and I"ll see if I can design a cute blog too! :o)
    Your kids are getting so big! Baby addison is adorable too! don't you just love having girls??!!
    --Brandy Fisher

  4. I am IN LOVE with your look! Great job! I can't comment on your other post because of the music player (it blocks the button to click on). Anyway, I love your bedding. Where is the sheeting from? Your so funny about it being made, which I never noticed. I also wanted to mention how cute that picture is of your baby with her Daddy. Last but not least we always keep the potty seats in the kitchen while potty training (near a t.v.). In a week they move where they belong. Good luck with the potty training. My twins were the worst experience ever. I am so glad we are past that, UGH!


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