Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Corbin's Porta Potty

Singing on the pot
Yes I know, no one needs to see this scene but think of the black mail when he's older. :) This is what we have been doing for the past 2 days. I couldn't take it anymore, him in diapers that is so I bought him a new toilet seat and he seems to be loving it.
Jentry and Parker were so easy to potty train, they did it right when they turned 3 and they did it themselves in 2 days. Corbin is almost 3 1/2 so no more excuses! We have had only 2 minor wet underwear accidents, and today I had to take Jentry and Brinley to the dentist and when we got home Corbin took off his pull up and went in his potty. So he scored yet another sticker on his chart and a piece of candy. The funniest thing is that the boy loves to sing while on the pot. Cracks me up. At least he's having a good time.
And yes it may seem odd, he is in living room. I just put on one of his shows and he sits there and does what he needs too. We will slowly be moving the seat toward the bathroom but for now I am doing whatever will work. Well le' Potty is beckoning. Later. :)
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  1. That is the cutest picture of him singing! I love it. I say whatever works do it. I hate potty training.


  2. ♥ Nice! We've been doing the potty chart too! I hate potty training! SUCKS...

  3. That would be a cute thing to get on video, him singing on the potty. Good luck!
    Nick did it in 2 days. Macy trained herself. At her second birthday she came in and threw her diaper at me and that was the end of that. I did nothing. One less in diapers for you will be nice!

  4. we did potty in front of the TV too... So fun. NOT! Good luck with it!

  5. That is so funny. I just looked at my sister's blog and she is potty training her little boy now too because she is sick of changing poopy diapers. I'll have to tell her to check your post out. That's a good idea to just put the pot in the living room.

  6. Hi Corbin you are such a big boy. you keep up the good job. Yes you keep singing. WE love you . Tell Brinley Parker, Addison, Jentry. Hello and lovr you all xoxoxoxo.

  7. You are brave to put him in the livingroom. Our oldest, Ethan got p.t'd about 5 months ago, and it is a thrill beyond belief. I am hoping to get Rachel potty trained soon, she has had some success, but she's not even 2, so I'm not trying to be too anxious about it. Sound like you already have a pretty good system down (perfected by the older kids probably). Well, keep up the good work :)


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