Sunday, February 17, 2008

Loving This Picture!

I took this shot this morning as we were getting ready for church. I was already to go to church and Addison had other plans she was literally SCREAMING her head off. Not sure what was going on but I couldn't get her to calm down to save my life. So I told Lloyd to go on ahead & take the other 4 to church.
She is now resting, she hasn't had a messy diaper for days now so I think that may be part of her problem. Hopefully we can get her "comfy" again.
A total sidenote. It seems that I am always talking pictures in my room and it never fails that when I take them my bed is not made. I swear I make my bed everyday. So sorry about all the un-made bed shots.
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  1. ♥ Whatever it shows off your sheets and they're very cute! Love the picture she looks happy! So when are we going to see Connie? :)

  2. At least you have nice sheets. You make your bed every day???? I make mine when we get company about twice a year! Literally. So kudos to you!

    If she is constipated, hang her upside down by her feet for 30 mins. Works EVERY time.

  3. This picture so has to go on your slide show!

  4. I love your blog - so cute!! Summer Chandler, my sister, told me to look up your blog for the alfredo recipe. Your recipes look good! And good job on making bread (whenever that post was written, I forgot)- it took me dozens of times and several recipes before I was successful. :)

  5. Cute pic, hope she's feeling better soon... :) Gail

  6. what we do is give Madelyn an ounce of half prune juice half water and it keeps her regular. She too would be so backed up that she would just cry and cry, especially after she ate because the cramping was hurting her tummy.

    I hope she feels better soon.


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