Thursday, February 21, 2008

Taking A Little Trip- Maybe....

We had planned on going to Tri-Cities this weekend but Lloyd has ended up having to work, (that's what he gets for not talking to me about it) grrrr so we are thinking about maybe leaving right after he get's off work at 2:00.
The only stinky thing is we wouldn't have much time to get the stuff done that we need to, so we would have to pull the kids out of school on Monday. We usually like to leave on a Friday and then have all day Saturday to do what we need to and come home Sunday. Sigh... Why does his schedule never work out for us... The last time we went to Tri-Cities was last August on the 16th so it's been a while. Now I need to sit down and think of all the stuff we have to get done while we are there. That is IF we go. Decision's are the worst. Can't someone just make this choice for me. :) So Mom we may be coming up I'll let you know.
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  1. This must be go home weekend. We're going to Pittsburgh Sat and Sun. It's rick's bday and my mom got him tickets to see the Penguins. 4 NHL games in 4 weeks, gotta love it! Have fun whatever you decide to do. :)


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