Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh Such a long day

Well happy anniversary to me, I am officially on 16 1/2 hrs of freaking painful contractions. I have tried everything to get them to go away. Layed down, sat in my rocking chair, took a shower, then took a bath. But they just kept coming every 2-3 minutes. So we called up to the hospital and they said to come in and get checked, so off we went. I am dilated to a 2 and have a very,very soft cervix. They sent me home as I expected but at least they sent me home with 2 little friends --SLEEPING PILLS. I am on them now so I hope that this post makes sense. As I am feeling a little loopy. Anyway I am going to go to bed I am not typing so well. I'll keep you all posted.
ETA: I also believe that I have lost my mucus plug. I know TMI but hey it's what's going on with me. Gross looking stuff I tell ya. I go in for my Dr. Appt on Tuesday so we shall see if I am any more dilated that I already am.
PS: Sleeping Pills + Contractions= Another very long night. I still didn't get real sleep. Oh well. It's the sleep of the damned I tell ya.
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  1. Oh sleeping pills are great! I have never had them during contractions but I hope it worked for you. Sorry you had such a crappy long day.

  2. Let me know if you need me... I can pick up kids or stay with them if you need me too! :)

  3. you poor thing! Hope you have her soon so you're not so miserable!!

  4. Well Chao Ming said you aren't having the baby til Weds so maybe when you go in on Tues you'll have a fun trip to the hospital and deliver early on weds. Good luck dear friend.

  5. Aww Rachel, sure hope that baby comes soon for you. Good luck. Those fortunes were cute and couldn't have been more perfect for you - especially the first one.

  6. I wish for you a good nights rest and a speedy delivery!


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