Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Barfing & Contracting, I Really Don't Need This Right Now

Really what's with all the barfing and contracting? This is what I did last night, well I did the contracting and Corbin decided to start with the barfing. Let me start at the beginning... Contractions started again last night so I figured well, I'm not gonna sleep anyway I might as well go to Wal-Mart and get the rest of my stuff I need like pads, nursing pads, you know what I'm talking about. Anyway I contract the WHOLE time I'm there, I come home manage to finally fall asleep around 3:00 am, then I am awoken to the glorious sound of puking from a 3 yr old at 4:30. And of course I am still contracting, and cleaning up barf & contracting about 2-3 minutes. And of course this certain 3yr old just pukes where ever he pleases, really no bowl needed but thanks mom.
And today is the lucky day I go in to get swabbed for my group b strep test. Can my day get any better? Crap this day is well.... CRAP! I'm this close to ripping out my own uterus I swear!!!!
They still do home births right? Hey, I have access to hair clips and clean towels...
Oh and did I mention I am exhausted? Geez.... crap..... I gotta go contraction commencing.....My body hates me :(

After contraction/puke clean up on isle 7 thought:
I am living proof that there really is no rest for wicked.
Sorry for this rant after reading it I have figured out that I am in a really, really cranky mood.
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  1. I'm so sorry! What a night. Hopefully today will get better. Do you want me to take Corbin? I'm sure he doesn't want anyone but you but I totally would!!!

  2. Minus the puking I totally know what you're going through and I feel extremely bad for you! I hope Dr. looks at you today and just enduces you then and there. Here's hoping anyway!

  3. Sorry Rachel, It will be over soon and hopefully your other 3 don't start barfing. Good luck with the Vag Check! :0)

  4. Sorry about your miserable night. I hope you don't catch whatever Corbin is sick with.

  5. You have every right to be cranky! Nick was a 34 week baby and at 33 weeks i went into labor with macy and got the shot and bedrest. At 36 weeks which was easter sunday they said do what you want if she comes it's fine. Then she wouldn't come and i was soooo miserable. That's when i decided i don't care what God wants for kids for me i'm done. These legs are shut until i get my hysterectomy! I was so miserable near the end, rick was home that saturday and decided that if things didn't start moving along i was taking a coat hanger and breaking my own water. I was literally suicidal. I had the coat hanger all sharpened thanks to some tools in the basement and i was going to stealize it. ON her due date i thought well let's try one last thing and we had a romp in the hay while my 2 year old napped and that put me in to labor. But that coat hanger was ready and i was so using it by late afternoon. I hear ya on the miserable and all that. Nick had a hospital stay with asthma while i was on bed rest (thanks to FDC color yellow 5) and rick was complaining b/c he had to stay over night with him at the hospital and getting no sleep. HELLO! You moron, i'm on bed rest and not able to do it and i'll be here for 2 nights soon so shut your pie hole! Sorry this is your blog and i'm rambling. Just want you to know, you have the right to be cranky and i've been there with the miserable. It stinks! I feel for you totally. Wish i could help.

    You read my blog why am i not listed on your blogs you read? I know mine is boring, i don't blame you!

  6. Sorry things have sucked so bad for you...Good luck in getting her here!!!


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