Sunday, October 14, 2007

{ Happy 13th Anniversary to Us! }

13 years ago on October 14th Lloyd & I were married in the Portland Temple. Man were has time gone? We went out to Chinese tonight for dinner, along with our 4 kids. It would have been nice to go alone but we were already out and everyone was hungry so we basically ended up taking our children out on a date. See, we are good parents. :) I still think we need to go out ALONE before this baby gets here (small hint for ya Lloyd).
The above picture is from our wedding announcement. I sometimes miss those day's of naturally highlighted hair, size 7 jeans, & being able to jump in the car on a whim because we decided to run to Utah & only having to worry about the 2 of you.
Man how times have changed.
Someday I will be skinny (well at least smaller) again, and there will come a time that it will be just the 2 of us once more. But for now we are enjoying our 4+kids & we wouldn't have it any other way. I am grateful for the man that I married, he is an EXTREMELY hard worker, and makes sure that our family is always provided for & lets not forget he's a pretty great dad too. Thanks honey for a great 13 yrs-here's to many more. :) I Love you Happy Anniversary!
Oh and a total side note that made me laugh out loud tonight at dinner. After we were done eating they brought us our fortune cookies and I cracked open 2 here is what they said.
#1: Good things come in small packages. One is coming to you.
#2: Next Wednesday will be a day of rejoicing for you.
Seriously----- how perfectly appropriate!
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  1. Oh...congratulations!!! I knew your anniversary was coming up...I really was going to call you and find out when!!

    You're awesome ya!!!

  2. Congrats! Happy Anniversary! So do you think a small little (or 9lb ish) package will arrive on Wednesday? My biological 1/2 sister had her baby on the day that her fortune cookie predicted so I wish you the same kind of luck! Have a great week!

  3. I also wanted to say Great Picture!

  4. No kidding. Is that you weren't at church! :) Glad you were able to at least have a nice dinner. Talk to you later.

  5. Happy Anniversary! You look so cute in your picture!

  6. I really like that picture of you two! It doesn't look like you've aged at all. Happy Anniversary! We just had our two year anniversary. We went to the Portland temple where Glen proposed to me. I think those fortune cookies said it right!


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