Thursday, October 11, 2007

{ Hi My Name Is Rachel & I Own An Easy Bake Oven }

(Everyone say Hi Rachel)
Yes admitting that I own an Easy Bake Oven is the first step to acceptance.
I am no longer in denial. :)
And yes my oven is still broken as we are trying to decide what to do.
We got our new part but discovered that it needed yet another & the most expensive part might I add to make it work.
So, do we dump even more $$ into this lemon of a Maytag appliance or do we bite the bullet and get to know our sears card yet once again?
I have a hard time paying for another major appliance. It's just so frustrating.
But if we go ahead and get the other part is the oven going to do this again next year?
It seems to take a vacation at least once a year and
I don't want to go through another oven hiatus.
But I should be grateful as I do have my new Adult Easy Bake Oven, so at least I can bake some things.
I did discover tonight that you CAN cook meatloaf in one of these hummers. It took just a little longer but not too bad and dinner was as yummy as ever.
So here's wishing us luck on our appliance endeavor.
I just really want to try and make some bread one of these days... But I'm pretty sure an oven would be better for that task than my easy bake...sigh....
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  1. At least you have some form of cooking. I totally feel for you tho. Next to hockey, cooking is my other passion. I'd get a new one with a warrenty then you'll be all set for awhile. :)

  2. Very nice Easy Bake... Good luck on your future endevoures! :) Oh, and I bet you could do bread maybe the little mini loaves. But I bet you could!!! :)

  3. I'll send Ashy over and you two can have a bake off, she makes 1 pretty mean cupcake in hers.
    I say bite that bullet and bake some bread in a big oven ;o).

  4. Wow. that's a long time to go without an oven. I was just thinking about that the other day and wondering if you ever got your oven fixed. I guess not. Good luck with that. Maybe you could make bread muffins?.

  5. poor you! I feel for you. If we were nearer in proximity I'd bake you some bread!!


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