Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Are We Freaks?

Alright, I have been asked 4 times so far this week & it's only Wednesday, the same questions by random strangers or by some people we know.

Question #1. You have how many kids? (asked with the look of shock)
Answer:4 going on 5

Question #2. Was this pregnancy planned? A BIG RESOUNDING NO!
it was a shock to both Lloyd and I-- with a little more explanation involved.

Question #3. Are you going have a 6th? Really come on people. NO!
Did you not get the subtle hint in question 2?

Question #4. You've been married how long? (again with the quizzical look)
---13yrs this coming Sunday.

I guess I must look like freak-a-zoid -- me sporting my pregnant belly with 4 ducklings in a row. It's not like I'm 20 and having my 5th. Good grief.
I am getting tired of the questions and I KNOW that more are coming as soon as this new baby makes her grand entrance.
You know it's funny because in some states or towns people don't bat an eye if out of your rolling Mormon Mobile pours 8 or more kids.
But in a little town your asked if you done with 2.
Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with small families, I have family & friends that only have 2- 3 kids and they are done.
But seriously, why is it that a large family meaning 2 or more kids gets you the shocking looks and questions? Are we freaks that should be shunned?
When people ask me wow you must be really busy, I answer back "yeah I am but I wouldn't have it any other way this is a GOOD busy".
That usually shuts them up. I think they are expecting me to be really negative about it. So that's my pat them on the back answer.
I know people are the way they are, but really enough already!
An old & terrible photo of our Freakishly LARGE family :)
Easter 2005
In the words of Bill Cosby: 

"We have 5 children because we didn't want 6"!
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  1. Hi Rachel!
    My name is Jennifer Berry-Kesler.
    I was going to post a comment on Sherelle's blog, but noticed the name "berry" and decided to head on over to your blog!

    I hope you don't think I'm crazy! I rarely ever come across anyone that has the Berry last name (unless they're African American!!) and thought WOW, maybe we're related!?!

    Anyways, I enjoyed your blog. If your husband has any "Berry" relatives that imigrated from England, then to Canada and then to the U.S., maybe we are related!!

    Have a great night and good luck with the new baby! We're LDS too. We have three, but people still ask me stupid questions because they think that three is a lot!


  2. It's amazing the questions people ask. Mostly I get is, "Do you have a day care?" Yes I do, but I don't get paid cause they're all mine. At least we can be freaks together! :)

  3. Some people are so insensitive. I know when we got married, it was 'when are you having kids'. When they come and not a day sooner. Then you have one, he's in your arms in the hospital and you get asked, when are you having another one. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Let me enjoy this one first. Some people who have 4 kids aren't responsible and need fixed! But good families like yours are good with a lot of kids. Some people just think they are the authority on what is good for YOU. Drives me crazy too.

    I read an article about the one mom who had the 5 boy quintuplets and she said she gets to hear a lot when she is out, "better you than me" and her reply is " i think so too". That says it all. :)

  4. I always get the "are they all yours??". Well, unless I decide to sell a few, which I might, they're all mine. I'm gonna need earplugs by the time I have my 7th!
    I always thought it would be fun to say "no, there not all mine. They just followed me in here. In fact do you want to take one. I hear blonds sell well on the black market".

  5. Some people just don't think before they speak or they're just plain annoying. Everyday for the last two months of my pregnancy, the same three people at work would greet me in the morning by saying "Haven't had that baby yet?" That got old real quick. I had a lot of come-backs that I really wanted to say, but I just bit my tongue and walked on by.

    There there Rachael, it will soon be over...I think. ;)

  6. How timely is this: I just got back from a PTO meeting at the school and the one lady has 7 kids and is pregnant. She and her husband wanted another and they're having another. (Can't imagine the school bill for 8 when they are all in this private school). But anyway she said she was at wal mart the other day with all 7 and someone asked if they were all hers and she said yes and the lady said 'and you're pregnant, was it planned'? Myra said (she said it with a piercing look of death in her eyes, "yes do you have a problem with that"? The lady was speechless and just said "oh no good luck". Again, SOME PEOPLE! Mind your own business. GEESH. Sorry i already posted on this but had to share after i heard that comeback.

  7. hi i was here

  8. Ha ha ha, I'm sorry, but that made me laugh out loud! My mom got that all the time, 5 kids within 7 years. I only have one, hopefully soon to be two, but I get the same "How long have you been married?!?!?" People are hilarious, at least you can get a laugh out of it!


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