Wednesday, October 03, 2007

{ Doing Some LITTLE Laundry... }

So I am trying to get all prepared for little miss to arrive, & I decided it was time to cut the tags off clothes and start getting everything washed & for those of you, that know me pretty well know that I have a hard time cutting off fresh tags
from tiny Gymboree clothes.
It's all psychological I know...
I am making SLOW progress but it's getting done. I have a Dr. appt. tomorrow I'm sure I have gained a few extra pounds so I am sure my pretty 13-pound birdie is flying out the window as I type. I'll post more of my horror weigh-in tomorrow,
geez this is starting to sound like the Biggest Loser.
Oh, and on a side note, I am experiencing for the first time Sciatic Nerve Pain. This stuff is not fun. So now I have shooting pains in my bum, but only on the left. And I am now noticing that if I sit too long I get the lovely pins and needles feeling again only on the left, I have never had this with any of the other kids. So those of you who have had this can sympathize with me. And ya know what? I do believe this just turned into a pregnancy rant... 
Sorry bout' that. ;) Well off to feed lunch to the kiddos.
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  1. That'll be one well dressed kiddo! I've had sciatic nerve pain without being pregnant. A quick trip to the chiro always fixes that with one adjustment. AND you CAN be adjusted while prego.

  2. Ooohhhh. Such cute, tiny stuff! Fun! (I know, easy for me to say!)

  3. There's just something so sweet about stacked bitty clothes! Sorry about your sore -ahem-underside, just don't move ;o).

  4. I love all the pink stuff and it is so little I miss that too. I was just wondering if you decided on a name for the newest Berry that will be arriving any time now. We are all doing great I am a single mother right now Mike is out of town again. Anyway hope all goes well tomorrow.


  5. Very cute baby clothes. Can't wait to see them on. Good luck with the pains. :)

  6. That is not fun. I had that pain alot the last two months of pregnancy. hmm. there's alot to being pregnant that I forgot about..I guess we forget about all the details for a reason. well, it will soon be over and you get your body back..well, for the most part...I guess it depends on if you're going to breast feed her or not.

  7. cute stuff!! I love the weiner dog line! :O)

    Sure hope you feel better soon!

  8. That little sweater looks familiar eh? So cute. See you next time you come into the store. Take Care.


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