Thursday, October 04, 2007

{ T-Minus 28 Days & Counting }

Well, I had my 35 weeks Dr. Appointment today and it went pretty well. I only gained 1 pound. So now we are up to 14 not too bad for 35 weeks pregnant. But then again I already weight too much to begin with so this kid could literally live off my body fat for 9 months. So ya know.
My Dr. told me that he would induce me at 39 weeks if I don't go into labor on my own, so that's like 4 weeks from today. Basically, it would be November 1st or he would do it on Oct 30 or 31st but that's just mean, my child would hate me forever if I choose Halloween as it's birthday. But it's nice to know that if I did go into labor on my own (not gonna happen) he would deliver me no questions asked and I would be able to stay here, no flying me to a bigger hospital.
Not to mention the other kids would hate not being able to go Trick-Or-Treating. So we shall see, at least I have a deadline or a literal "light" at the end of the tunnel.
I am supposed to go to the Dr's now every week but my Dr. is being kinda funny he wants to see me in a week and a half so alrighty and at that glorious appt I will get to have my group b strep test done and he most likely will check me to see if ANYthing is going on down there.
Oh, and they keep asking me what we are doing for birth control after this baby is born. I have been telling them for months now that we are taking Lloyd to the vet, time to get the snip. We are soooo not having any more babies, which in a way is kinda weird. Knowing that I will never be pregnant again. Nice on one hand and kinda sad on another. But I can't do another surprise baby. Finding out we were pregnant with this little chicka was surprise enough for everyone.
So there you have it my update for today! I swear I need to find something new to blog about... I'm sure you are all sick of reading about pregnancy, I know I am getting tired of living it. It will all be over sooner than we think. But at least we will have a cute pink bundle to look at! :)

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  1. I'm glad your appt. went well. What a cute outfit.

  2. Crazy... 4 weeks is not far. Hopefully you'll be "doing something" so that she won't get toooo big! :)

  3. Make that appt for lloyd now that way for sure there won't be any surprises. It takes awhile to take etc. He coulda had it done 7 months ago. :) I think it would be FUN to have a halloween birthday. Oh my gosh how fun would that be to decorate for! If it happens naturally don't sweat it, it would be fun i think. Don't worry about blogging only pregnancy, it's your life right now and that's what i come here to read!

  4. That's kinda funny, our roles will be switched if you are actually induced on the 1st, that's the day I have my six week check - this time you'll be in the hospital and I'll be at the doctors - ironicly funny!! Sure hope all goes well with baby and all.


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