Sunday, September 30, 2007

{ So Unprepared }

I am feeling totally unprepared for this baby. I came to the conclusion yesterday after the Woman's Conference & after holding my friend Gail's new baby girl that my reason for feeling with way besides our extra room will not be done, is that I have nothing & I mean NOTHING ready. I have always had the crib and stuff set up with my other kids at least a month before they arrive.
Sure I have been shopping for things here and there but her clothes haven't been washed, I need to paint her dresser and crib the list goes on...

So guess what I did LATE last night while contracting?
I painted her dresser black which now I need to do a little distressing to because I gotta make it more shabby chic, & the drawer pulls need to get put on.
After that, I proceeded to paint the crib. No, not the whole crib but the arch part that was stained a navy blue color, it is now black as well. So I need to dig out all my onesies and little bitty socks, clean the car seat, wash and put away her clothes and set up her crib.
So I think just getting those things out of the way I will be feeling a little better about her impending arrival & maybe it will make it seem more real that she IS actually coming. Because at this point it's not a matter of IF she is going to arrive it's WHEN.
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  1. Dang girlfriend you better get busy! Hopefully someday maybe just maybe i'll get me a talent like bridget. I'm not picky i'd take anything!!!!!!!! Sigh........

  2. I'm anxious to see the dresser & crib. I was just there, why didn't I look??? And then with the new toile ensamble(however you spell that)... DANG CUTE!!! And Bridget if I ever have another child I'll be calling you! :) Very cute burp clothes...

  3. I can't wait to see it all put together and baby-ish! Maybe that will give me some motivation ;o). If I can help you do anything big let me know, come to think of it you shouldn't have painted those. PUT THE PAINT BRUSH DOWN!!

  4. Super cute burp cloths, what a great friend Bridget is!

    I love reading about nesting pg people!! You go girl!!!

  5. Ohhh I love the crib set - I went cheeeeap no cute set like that for me, but most of what I have was handed down, so sentimental it is for Alana. And you have got to get some sleep - no more painting, sleep and some more sleep. I've realized how VALUABLE sleep is since becoming a new mom. Love the burp cloths can't wait to see the new Berry baby. I've got to come over this week to see all that you've done. (Well I'll try at least - you know how it goes :))

  6. Very Sweet Burp cloths, too bad she is going to spit up on them. I agree with Gail get your rest. Good gracious I only got a puppy and I am up with it 2-3 times per night and lacking sleep. I can't imagine another child. Have fun nesting but sleep while those 3 out of 4 are in school. Have a great day.

  7. those are cute burp cloths. I like how you displayed them on the pretty fabric. If you worked in a store, I think you would be the one to make up new displays for the display window. ;) I know that's kind of random, but that's what I first thought when I saw the pic.

  8. I just noticed the little note about pirate-ing the photo from bridgets blog. :)


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