Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Yup, I know I stink I didn't update yesterday. So here's the latest scoop (really nothing new). I had my appt. yesterday and I am still a 2, go figure with all the contractions I have.
But he did tell me he would induce me a little earlier than the 1st if I want, as I would be an easy induction. See it's pays to be easy.. He he.... I know that joke is in such poor taste. Sorry. :) Anyway things look good, baby sounded fine I still am holding at 14 pounds- yippee no new weight gain!
Corbin is feeling a little better today, he isn't eating much but at least the barfing has stopped. And on the upside my Mom came to help out yesterday, she will be here for a couple more days then go home and come back when it's baby time.
She has been VERY helpful with the kids and meals and I was able to take a 2 hr nap today. SO NICE. Anyway I gotta run, kids need to get homework finished and off to bed.
Trust me I will let you all know when I go to the Hospital. Even if I go into labor on my own I will post a quick sentence to let you know what's up. More later.
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  1. Ahhh i wondered when there was a space of posting. I'm not prego and i post less than you do! Must be b/c i have nothing exciting to post about. :) Thanks for the update. Glad corbin is better and yeay mom! Say hi for me.

  2. You're getting SO close! What will life be like without contractions? :) ahhh, imagine the bliss... Let me know if I can do anything.

  3. It's been fun following you through to the end of this pregnancy. Your posts on your blog make me think of reality TV. hmm, you could call your blog "Reality Blog" ;) Blogging is also like when you find a good book that you can't wait for a break so you can read it because you get attatched to the characters and then when it's over you're I guess the point of my little blurb is,..I hope you never quit blogging because I would miss you and reading about your family. ps. I'm glad that corbi is feeling better. ;)


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