Monday, September 10, 2007

{ What I Would Give For Homemade Baked Anything....... }

So I have to rant for a few minutes......
Brace yourself, Effie.....
My stove, my lovely BROKEN Maytag not worth what I paid for it stove is down. AGAIN!
Here's the story not even a year ago I was broiling some garlic bread for dinner when my stove started shooting electrical sparks and then proceeded to catch on fire and burnt out the broiler element and killed the digital circuit board. And of course this happened -- I kid you not right after our warranty had run out. So I called Maytag & at first, they said there was nothing they could do for me... That is until the word "fire" came out of my mouth I was then immediately transferred to some big wig Maytag woman- they ended up replacing the parts for free but we had to pay a licensed Maytag repairman to come fix it. Nothing like paying a man 70 bucks for 20 minutes worth of work but hey, we now again have a working stove.

Then 8 days ago no... now it's almost 9 I was baking some dinner after church and I hear the magical noise of electrical sparks and saw fire as my baking element burnt itself out I was like OH COME ON SERIOUSLY! (can we all say lemon here?)
So now I am without baking ability & EVERY blogging buddy I know has been baking up a storm - bread, muffins, pizza, desserts the list goes on & on. All the while I can't bake a darn thing.
This should make it fun as Lloyd's birthday is on Saturday & I usually bake his cake, Ummm yeah not so much this year. I hope you all enjoy your yummy baked bread and everything else that is tempting calorie wise but is out of my reach. Someday my new part will come. Sigh......

I am now officially a devout Kenmore fan because the Maytag man is always on siesta----as is my stove. Moral of rant:
You don't know how much you use & miss
something until it's broken.
Rant over thanks for listening.
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  1. Oh, what a pain! Now I understand why you were so excited to see a recipe that doesn't require baking. I thought for a moment that you just don't like baking. I've got a small apartment size stove you can use if you still want to bake a cake. :) -summer

  2. I don't know about Kenmmore either our fridge has broken 2 times also, once just after the warranty went out and then 6 months later... I totally understand the FRUSTRATION!!! :)

  3. You can have some of my "smoke" muffins if you're that hard up ;o). I'd take advantage of it and order out as much as I could until it got fixed - Moy's, El Erradero, take your pick! Great, now I want fried rice.


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