Wednesday, September 12, 2007

{ RANT #2 }

First if you make it through this post I will send you cookies pending oven fixing. :)
Our Mid Columbia Bus Company.....
I understand their policy of keeping our kids safe BUT there have to some exceptions. They like to have all kindergartner's picked up at the bus stop by their parent. I think it's great, thanks for watching out for my child. But I'm sorry I'm not walking out to the road everyday to wait for Brinley & walk with her down our driveway, especially when this baby gets here.
I never had to meet the boys when they were in kindergarten and I am not starting with Brinley. I told the bus driver with both the boys that if my car is here I am here. Never had a problem
This year we have a new afternoon bus driver and she told me I needed to send a note saying that it was ok for Brinley to cross the street and walk down our driveway without me. So I sent a note saying that. So she got off the bus today without any problems and not 2 minutes later I get a phone call from the Mid Columbia Bus guy saying he has Brinley on one of his buses and she has a note to cross the street. I was like NO she is standing right here in my house and the bus is gone.
Well he basically started arguing with me on the fact that I am not present when Brinley gets off the bus. I told him I never did it with the boys and she is smart enough to walk from the end of the road to our house in fact she runs when she gets off the bus and is in the house in like 45 seconds. So I told the guy that I don't have a problem with her walking I can see her from inside the house and am not worried about her getting kidnapped. He then proceeded to tell me that when she does get kidnapped that they are not liable for anything because they have my note. I told them YUP that's right! Hey Mr. Man- don't get in this pregnant woman's face. I do not tolerate being spoken to like that & so I gave him a piece of my mind, as any good pregnant woman would. There was a lot more to the conversation but this post is already too long.
Here is the revised note I typed up after our little kidnapping chat.
(and yes it is on the sarcastic side but apparently they don't understand it any other way)
Brinley Berry has our permission to cross the street to walk down our driveway after getting off the bus at our house on.........rd. La Grande, OR 97850
I make sure I am home every morning as I know Brinley is coming home from School. If my white Ford Excursion or our grey Ford Pickup is in the driveway I AM HOME OR MY HUSBAND IS.. If it is not in the driveway I have picked her up from school & therefore she will not be on the bus & does not need dropped off.
Seriously do I have to spell it out in detail for them... It's like talking to a 3 yr old. Did I mention that we live on the slowest most non-traveled road in town? And I watch as my kids get off the bus from my house as I can hear the bus from inside the house. I sent the note as they asked so WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? There's the question of the year.
Oh and we talk to our kids about stranger danger and all that stuff.. Hello these little people are smarter than we give them credit for. And I don't see the difference between a kindergartner and a 1st grader getting off the bus. They didn't make me go outside when my first graders got off the bus.....
And really if they are old enough to go to school in the first place I do believe they are old enough to cross the street when the bus driver instructs them to do so.
Sorry for the RANT again.
This is SO FRUSTRATING & STUPID all at the same time!
And yes I know I should be more Christ like & I know I am totally worked up about this but COME ON!
I'm blaming it on the hormones.
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  1. I read it, where's my cookies!!! I totally agree with you, that is nuts! Your note didn't sound sarcastic, you just spelled it out for them. Aren't busses fun? We're having just as much fun, from the bus getting here anywhere within a half hour range to the driver getting lost in downtown and my 7 year old giving her directions to bail her out so they don't end up in indiana!!! Brinley should have no problem crossing the street as the bus driver should have the red lights on and the stop sign out until she hits your driveway. Or she should change her route so she is putting the door toward your driveway. They did that for nick in kindergarten, they went down the street next to us to put the door to our front door. SOME PEOPLE! Rant any time. Just kidding on the cookies, i'm on a diet anyway but thanks for the offer.

  2. Since you live in bungfung and your nearest neighbor is a field, your driveway is only 5 suburbans long, and they drop her off right at your driveway I personally don't see the big deal. Our bus driver would toss my kindergartener off blocks away even though I told her not to.
    I still think you should add that she also has permission to run, skip, trot, or do as she sees fit. Sheesh!
    Maybe you should hire her a personal body guard or escort ;o).

  3. I think your letter turned out just right. Pretty well covered everything except maybe that she should be allowed to exit the bus unaccompanied also. We don't want any minced words here! Just kidding. Good luck with the retard at the bus station! :)

  4. woah, that is annoying! Since when is it any of the school's business. They shouldn't make you explain yourself to them. you're the parent not them. I'm sure you handeled it alot better than I would and I'm not even pregnant. Way to go. That's why I like you Rachael, you're not afraid to speak your mind. ps. how's your stove going?

  5. no likee my comment? ;)


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