Monday, September 10, 2007

{ Our Mini Nephi's }

It does me good to know that my son listens in his primary class. There are days I do wonder. But on Sunday Jentry's teacher spoke to them about Nephi and when his bow broke while traveling in the woods & instead of complaining he went and made himself a new one..... Well, I believe at this point in the story Jentry stopped listening and started thinking of ways he could make a bow of his own just like Nephi had.
So he came home and I swear this kid is sooooo his father's son. He drew out on a post-it note how the bow should look, how the string should get attached and so on & so forth. Then he set out looking for a proper sized stick with the help of Parker. Well needless to say he made himself a bow, mind you the bow will never work & he knows that, but I'm just glad to know that he is listening and getting at least something out of his Sunday lessons even if it turns into a daydream of making a cool bow just like Nephi.
Hence our Family Home Evening tonight we ended up reading 1st Nephi chapter 16 the story of Nephi & his bow and giving the kids a better explanation of what happened. So yeah! 
Here's to kids listening in church. :)
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  1. That's pretty cool he made himself a bow. Inventive Kid. I have a feeling you will be sharing this story once again when he gets his engineering degree. ;) -summer

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