Friday, September 14, 2007

{ I Feel like Fall }

Yes, I already have my Fall/Halloween stuff up. I know totally jumping the gun but I was feeling blah & wanted to look at something cute. Plus I love fall.
photo from 2017, I had to replace my lost picture but it's missing in my photos! EEK!! Literally...
But the Witch is the same. And yes, still broken. 
And speaking of love I LOVE my little witch she has the best wrinkles and you gotta love a witch with a wart, although she looks like she has been through a war or been jinxed by Harry Potter and one of his spells (my boys have broken some of her fingers. I need to fix her but haven't bought any clay. I made her with my Aunt Jean about 6 years ago. I love her face, my aunt made her face --I can't take credit for that one. This same Aunt makes the best Santa's. They are made like the witches only 10 times the detail and stuff. SO CUTE! Aunt Jean you're so talented!
Great now I feel the need to decorate my porch, but my darn contractions make it hard to do too much. Hmmm, maybe I can enlist Lloyd to help me.
So much to do, so much to do. Happy Fall!
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  1. CUTE! Now come and do my house. I'm fall decorating challenged as evidenced by the easter wreath hanging in my mudroom.
    You'll have to bring me all your stuff though cause I don't have anything ;o).

  2. How fun!
    It's ok you're decorating this early, in another month you won't be able to or feel like it. Do it when the mood strikes ya. Plus i think wal mart had their decorations out in like February so you're late by their standards. :)

  3. That is so cool you made that witch. You did a good job! I like your decorations. That's fun.
    Good job putting the music on your blog! I like it. Fun!

  4. Your house looks so cute. I'd be lucky if anyone would notice any decorations with my house the mess that it is right now!!! :)

  5. HOw cute!!! Love it all. Love that picture of President Hinckley too. Where did you find that?


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