Sunday, September 09, 2007

{ Riding the Tooth Fairy Cash Express! }

So I now have a holey little girl. Her 1st tooth officially fell out yesterday mid-morning.
And boy was she excited.
I was hoping that this tooth would stay in until school pictures, yeah I know total wishful thinking on my part but the scrapbooker in me HAD hope.
I have a love/hate relationship with my kids losing their teeth.
1. Hooray, I love that you're growing up.
2. (The hate) now starts the phase where they just look a little funny as the teeth that are coming is are ALWAYS bigger than the ones that just left, so they start looking a little gawky (my own opinion).
All I can say is man I'm glad that you can accessorize girls with cute hair bows and clothes - helps to minimize the gawk effect.
She was very unlike the boys with her tooth falling out. The boys would work their loose tooth all day long to try and force that puppy out. Brinley, on the other hand, told us it was loose and wiggled it once to show Lloyd & I and then just left it alone. Talk about patience.
Good for you Brinley Boo & your still pretty darn cute hole & all! :)
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  1. Definately still cute even with a hole! That's how Emma is to. Just wait until it comes out on it's own. It'll be interesting to see how Lane is with his teeth? I shutter to think of it. The loose tooth thing me the heebeejeebee's... YUCK! I didn't like iw when my own teeth fell out and how nasty it felt during and after. Eewwwww!

  2. Macy's first one hung by a thread forever and i finally convinced her to let me tie a piece of dental floss to it and shut the door. I had to bribe her with money but it worked. Nick always let me put my fingers in his mouth and pull it out. Now they can't lose teeth fast enough b/c they want the money! Brinley is for sure still cute. :)

  3. Does Brinley believe in the toothfary? I did when I was young. My mom made a little pillow with a pocket for us to put our tooth in. We would take it to bed with us and in the morning we would find money in the pocket and our tooth would be gone. I'm not at that stage with Ginger yet. She just got her first two teeth last month. I think I'll be sad when she loses her first baby tooth, that will mean that she's officially exiting baby-hood.-summer

  4. She's still so stinking cute! I think they look adorable until the giant top front gap happens and then the giant front teeth appear. They start looking a little awkward then. I'm sure she'll be trying to yank her own teeth out in no time now that she's got some dinero.

  5. I think she's too cute! Gracie still hasn't lost any. I dread the gawky awkward stage too... holes are cute, but the big ol' grown up teeth are WEIRD!


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