Sunday, September 16, 2007

{ I Hate Contractions & I Mean It! }

So we went to church this morning and attended all but sacrament meeting. I was having some lovely contractions along with a lot of swelling in my feet/face/well everywhere. I apologize for those of you who saw me at church I am pretty sure I didn't look very pleasant, but I was having my fun pains literally every 2-3 mins.
I was told by Lloyd when we got home that I needed to look at myself in a mirror as my face was the same face that I make while in labor. Basically PAIN! So I was able to lay down for about 4 hrs and now that I am up the contractions have slowed, I am still having some just not as many. THANK GOODNESS. I know a lot of you are saying but they are only Braxton Hicks... Well this being my 5th pregnancy Braxton hicks are no longer Braxton hicks at this point most of these puppies hurt. So that's my Sunday in a nutshell. We are having baked, I mean microwaved potatoes for dinner as our oven is still awaiting its heart transplant.
Hope everyone has a great week!
Oh, and Gail if you're out there reading this, Good luck! I am sooooo sending contractions vibes your way! Can't wait to meet your new little one this week! :)
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  1. Contractions stink! Had them every month with my monthly visitor just as bad as labor. Good luck with that! Less than 2 months left. You're getting there.

  2. Oh, I'm sorry you have to go through that pain. I thought you looked a little upset in relief society. I didn't want to be nosey though. I'm glad the contractions slowed a little for you.

  3. Thank you Rachel, and no, still nothing!!! I just can't believe this little stinker!! I am being induced on Tuesday (breaking water) though but that was after a VERY long struggle today trying to decide if calling Milo and changing it (or postponing) would be the best thing. We finally decided that A BABY is what we really want and to heck on how it comes!!! Love you and wish us luck (I think we will be needing it).

  4. I wondered if that's what was going on! But I didn't get to talk to you, since I had to go babysit... :) I'm glad things are feeling better. I bet you're dialated to a 4 at least especially with those contractions. Take care and I'll chat with you tomorrow!!!

  5. ugh... I'm so sorry! Hoping time goes by quickly for you!


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