Tuesday, August 07, 2007

{ Seriously, Enough is Enough! }

OK either I am going to have to rip out my own uterus or I am going to have to hurt someone.
I have been having Braxton Hicks Contractions literally all day long! I am so sick of them... I usually only have between 5-10 a day. Oh no, not today I am having 6+ every hour I have lost count & they are the kind that I have to breathe through not just oh... that was kinda uncomfy hmmm oh well.... I just want to tell my uterus-----That'll do donkey, that'll do.......... (yes we watch too much shrek)
I have been drinking my water as my good friend advised me but no such luck of them subsiding. My tummy is sore because they have been so frequent and making their appearance all day. All I can say is it's a good thing I have a Dr. appt. tomorrow morning as my Dr. will get to hear me whine about them. Ya, I know there is nothing he can do but, him listening to my complaints is what I pay him for. It's his job!

On the up side though, our rocking chair broke, yes that is a good thing and darn it all that means we need a new one. I really want leather but the one chair that we found and both like is not leather and I am not prepared or willing to spend the extra 260 bucks to get the leather version it's a chair for pity sakes. Plus the one that we found is a glider/recliner kinda liking that! And I like that it doesn't look like a Gliding rocker I swear they all look the same... So we shall see. Well gotta go I am starting another lovely contraction and can't type well while having one. Later.
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  1. I remember you getting those, i never had them. Just think you only need to do this a couple more times. ;) Feel better.


  2. I think they should call them your husbands name contractions- Like for me it would be Cody hicks or something. It's not fair that the poor guy named Braxton who didn't even do this to you is getting all the blame, I think Loyd hicks contractions has a nice ring to it. If only he could feel them to!

  3. Those Lloyd-hicks are just the baby saying, "Mom, you need a break at least a week of scrapping!" Isn't it nice that we can put words in your childs mouth at least for another year or so... Good luck on getting baby to calm down! :)

  4. Or maybe she's still mad at you for mowing the lawn the other day. She doesn't like being jarred around so much! :) I hope you sleep well tonight!!!

  5. Mowing the lawn?!?!? Are you CRAZY?!?!?

    Put your feet up an relax! You deserve it!

    Enjoy your new chair!

  6. OW!! Take care and STOP mowing the lawn!! Hope you're feeling better!


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