Wednesday, August 08, 2007

{ I get to visit Wonder Woman! }

Well, I had another Dr. Appt this morning and hip, hip I haven't gained any more weight, so I am still holding at 8 pounds of weight gain so far in this pregnancy! Not too shabby for 27 weeks along

And I learned that I have to get another ultrasound on the 20th! Apparently, the head radiology guy wasn't happy with the pictures the last tech did (couldn't see a lot of things he wanted to see) so I get another! YIPPEE I am excited because my last ultrasound was horrible! 
I came home with no profile of the baby and a ton of shots of well....who knows what it was. 
Although I did get 9 fabulous shots of my placenta (gross). 
So this time I asked for a certain tech her name is Buffy or Buff or Ultrasound Queen, but we like to call her Wonder woman! She is one ultrasound tech who knows what the heck she is doing and hopefully she can tell us for certain if this baby is a girl she has never been wrong in the 10+ years she has been doing this so ... I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Although Lloyd doesn't understand why I still think it could be anything other than a girl. I saw the last crotch shot I saw no boy parts, but then again with the tech, I had who knows what we were looking at.
So that's my day in a nutshell. 
Boring I know but thought a few of you would like to be informed. :)

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  1. don't have to kick the table or fall down to get another one!!! :) Shouldn't this be a hint to the guy in charge that the tech you had SUCKS!!! OHHH maybe it is twins and the tech was just to stupid to figure it out??? :) Just thought I'd give you a pick me up! You know I love ya and only want the best for you...:)

  2. YAY!!!

    Good luck with wonder woman...may you get some really good shots!!!

  3. I love Buffy! I believe she did all of the pics for my kids and I think I had 3 with Nojah and 5 or 6 with Lex! I think I am obsessed with blogging. I only have 3 posts for today. I need to get out of here! Have a great night.


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