Sunday, August 05, 2007

{ Long and windy! :) Catching up! }

Time to play catch up! I decided to get the kids out of the house on the 1st so we went to Hilgard Park and took a little dip in the Grande Ronde River! Well, Parker is the only one who truly took a dip the rest of us got our feet wet while we looked at all the tiny fish swimming around. It was nice to get out of the house and take a little break from the heat at least for a little while anyway.


Poor Corbin always has a dirty face. He's a snack-a-holic.
Thursday: we had yet another soccer game (Jentry's team won yahoo) then after the game we went to the Fair. We grabbed a bite to eat then we looked at all the smelly livestock, Corbin wasn't so sure about being that close to cows, I think he prefers them from the inside of a car. Then we went and looked and the Arts & Crafts displays -- a quick run through as the kids had rides on their minds, so off we went to the carni rides. Both the boys wanted to ride the Hammer head, I had to put my pregnant swollen foot down & say no! If they want to go on that ride I DON'T want to be around to see it. Anyway we ended up going home at 10:00 I figured 3 hours of the fair was good enough.
Then when we got home my brother David had been calling and was needing a place to crash on his way from Utah to Tri-Cities Washington. He was attending a wedding of a girl from his BYU ward where he is in the Bishopric. So he got in around 2:30 then left at 7:30 it was nice to see you David!!
Davids Man Truck:
Oh let's see then Friday: Gee I don't remember Friday at all oh well.
Saturday: we cleaned the house and I mowed the lawn and then we set to work on our remodel room. We tore out the ceiling tiles and all the carpet it now looks worse then it did when we started. I didn't think that could be possible but at least we can now really "get to work" seriously will it ever end?
Oh and then at around 10:30 I remembered I forgot to "update" my RS bulletin board @ church, I could have sworn I just did July's. So I called up my night owl friend and we went to the church and did a little updating. Thanks, Melissa I can't seem to stand being in the church alone.... I so need to start going while it's daylight out.
Then today Sunday, I woke up with a mother of a migraine so Lloyd took J&P to church and I stayed home with Brinley and Corbin who decided to literally scream from the time he woke up till about noon. So am not getting this child.
Then Lloyd's Cousins Eldon and Pam & Elwin and Lisa stopped by for a quick hello as I was a sinner & stayed home from church. It was so nice to see them, we are thinking of heading their way if they are going to be home in a couple weeks. We need to do something fun with the kids before school starts up again as the only thing we have done semi-fun was going to the fair. We are now calling our shameful lack of family fun --- family guilt!
Well, that's my update in a very large nutshell phew! Bet ya thought it would never end, sorry for the journal here but hey! It's my blog and I'll be windy if I want to. :) Thanks for checking up on us & have a great week!
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  1. "Look~ this is me in a nutshell..."

    Brinley looks SO grownup!!! Your kids look like they had fun at the are such a good mom!!!

  2. Good for parker going in. I don't like water i can't see the bottom of. Pools are good! Not into communing with nature and their bodily function releases. :) We go to the fair in 2 weeks. I love it! Thanks for the update.


  3. I know what gets rid of migraines- a scrapbook get-away! Hurry up with that room already so we can go sinner.

  4. I agree a scrapbook getaway is the cure to all evil!!! :)

  5. Hey!I made it and even left a message:) Where does it say I'm from anyway?? shauna


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