Saturday, August 11, 2007

{ SOS! Scrapbooking On Saturday }

Here are more of my scrapbook layouts. One of these (our works of art) is a couple years old so it may wreak o' scrapbooking style 2005. I think my scrap style changes a little every year. Sorry about how dark they look I really hate taking photos in my house they always look dark. Darn old Farm House! They are much brighter in person. But you get the idea. Have a great weekend! We are off to visit Lloyd's sister Christine and her family they just got into town & we are going to eat homemade ice cream yum! :)

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  1. All my favorites... I love them all. Very cute!!! Time for a scrapbook getaway. Have I said that before??? :)

  2. Rachel ~ You're so dang freaking talented!!!

    Excellent work!!

    PS...the phone conversation went great...we talked for about 2 hours... :D

  3. Every time I look at what you scrapbook it makes me realize I need to do that and I wish I could do it like her. Tia

  4. REALLY cute!!! I love them all!! You're GOOOOOD!

  5. Now I have something worth scraplifting, when Melissa gives me some of her mojo that is!

  6. I tell you I am so ready to scrap. Not that you guys don't know that or anything... It's been forever. I still think we should do a getaway at the end of September and then maybe you guys will have your little toy's by then!!! And you'll be ready to try them out...

  7. Gosh i feel sooooo scrapping stupid compared to what you do! Remind me never to show you my books (unless you want a good laugh of course).


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