Wednesday, August 15, 2007

{ Leaving Town! }

So tomorrow I am heading up to Tri-Cities to my mom's to do a little last minute school shopping. 

I am taking all 4 kids and we are going to leave after Jentry's last soccer game tomorrow night. I have to get School shoes for all 3 kids and a few other things. I am going to hit Target, Children's place, Gymboree, Joann's, Craft Warehouse and well whatever else strikes me as a place I need to visit. I may take the kids to the park shown above but that depends on the heat, it is always so hot there. 
If it's too hot then we may go to Chucky Cheese's only for the games their food is nasty but for some reason, 
the kids love playing those games.
So wish me luck it's always so much fun going to Washington by myself with the kids. But Lloyd will be able to get a lot of work done while we are gone. We will be coming home either Friday evening or Saturday afternoon, I still am not sure on that one just depends on how tired I am after dragging 4 little ones in and out of stores all day, so I'll blog to you from Washington!
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  1. Have a blast while you are gone!!! May you find excellent sales, may your children behave, and may your feet not swell!!

  2. I know how much fun it is dragging 2 kids around, i can't imagine double the fun! I was lucky this year, my mom bought my kids their uniforms and shoes so all i have left to shop for are school supplies. Just remember to take deep breaths! Have fun! :)


  3. Good luck and have fun. I shopped online. The park looks like fun. Find a shady spot, take a spray bottle and just sit back read a magazine and let them go crazy!

  4. The shopping part sounds like fun, however, taking all the kids DOES NOT!!! But that's me... Mine would go crazy after the first stop... Maybe your mom will feel like watching the little ones??? :) Good Luck! If you find something good at Joanns (you know a good paper sale) let me know! I might just have you pick me something up!!!


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