Tuesday, August 14, 2007

{ Today was a good day }

So tonight was Parker's last soccer game, they won yippee and after the game, the team all went to Riverside Park for a pizza party. We had pizza from Pizza Hut, pop, and root beer floats. We had a little smaller turn out than expected with a few of the families away on last-minute vacations but still had a good time. 
We only ended up with basically 4 pizza's left and I only managed to talk one of the families into taking pizza home and she only took one so, we have 3 in the fridge, can ya guess what we are having for lunch tomorrow?

I loved this cute picture of Jentry & Corbin walking together
 Oh and to top it off when we got home from the pizza party we had a yummy gift waiting for us, my cousin Donna brought us a surprise Apple pie that looks so delicious! So thanks, Donna that was very sweet of you! 
I'm thinking Apple Pie Ala Mode!

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  1. How nice! One down and one to go. Jentry should be finishing up soon too, I'm guessing? At least you don't have to worry about cooking anything for lunch. I think left overs are wonderful. A great break! :)

  2. Yay for not having to cook lunch...And Jentry can run the microwave, so you can sit with your feet up!!!

    You deserve the break!!


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