Monday, August 20, 2007

Raising Hand!! I'm Here!!

We went to Tri-Cities, we shopped, we came home! I have to say the kids were AWESOME all day on Friday. No whining, we went from store to store to store and there was no complaining. They were so good. And then we came home on Saturday and apparently they had used all their "goodness" up on Friday as we had whining and sheer un-happiness on the way home mostly from Corbin. But we got everything we needed and then some, so it was a good trip.
Then we had church on Sunday & after church I took a 3.5 hour nap I didn't realize I was so tired! So that's my update for now, yes I know nothing thrilling. I should have more to report later. OH I ALMOST FORGOT! Today is my Ultrasound! So hopefully all goes well there I'll let you know. Better go and find a sitter for the kids. Later!
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  1. I'd come babysit but ya know, time zone barrier! A few! G'luck with the ultrasound. I'm doing the school shopping thing this week. Oh joy oh bliss!



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