Thursday, July 05, 2007

{ The Ultrasound Tech Said }

Yes that is what the tech said- Well more along the lines of 
"I think it's a girl, I can't seem to find any boy parts so I say it's a girl". 
So I guess for now we are having a girl. 
Can you tell I am still in a bit of denial?
It would be so nice for Brinley to have a little sister heaven knows she has paid her dues having 3 brothers. Anyway just thought everyone or the 2.75 people who actually read my blog should know that "It's a girl" is what we found out today. (maybe)
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  1. So who is the .75 person?? :D

    She IS a girl...I told ya so!

  2. I'm telling you- there's no wenis so no worries, you know I was an ultrasound tech in a former life ;0) . Just believe in the PINK, Congrats!


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