Tuesday, October 13, 2015

{ Wool Felt Ball Garlands For Sale }

I've started a little side business for myself. Well, actually it's so I can help contribute to our family of 8's finances.
We would LOVE to get out of debt and build a home of our own. So Felt balls is what I'm doing right now and I so hope and pray that it takes off. I/we really need this to work. I will be selling 100% Wool Felt Ball Garlands and some holiday banners as well.

Here are a few that I have made. All are available to purchase in my (Click Here Etsy Shop) or you can find my Etsy shop widget over on the right hand of your screen. :) ALL Felt Ball Garlands are $15.00 for a 6.5-7 foot Garland.
The colors are more vibrant than the photos show. I took these pics with my sad cell phone. I also have some Fall & Christmas Garlands ready to post as well. Just need to get the pictures up. :)

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