Monday, October 12, 2015

{ October 2015 }

Prepping for all things October. 
Finally try and finish the Boo Banner you made a
few years ago. Yes, years...
 When you live in the middle of nowhere, Bath and Body Works comes to you!
 General Conference Pecan Sticky rolls, you don't mess with tradition.
 When your Wool Felt Balls finally come you prep for a Fall Craft show.

Lots of prep, for Halloween and Fall garlands. 
1st day set up for the evening Sister Shic Fall show in Cove, OR. 
 Day 2 Set up. Much better! 
 This boy love all this with wheels... Oh and naps, he loves naps 
especially in the car. Those are the best kind. 
Fall is here.  
 I love where I live. Happy Fall Ya'll!

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