Wednesday, April 17, 2013

{ Random Organization }

How has it been a month since I last blogged about nothing?
we've had the plague here at our house for 
what seems like months.

I hate vomiting, but the weight loss was a small perk. :)

I have no crafting desire what-so-ever.

I want to craft.

I need to craft and actually sell things, I have bills to pay.

I'm trying to get more organized so i started with my small hoard of Washi Tape. 
the colors make me happy.
i need more color like this in my life.
*The cigar box I paid 50 cents for at a local thrift store.

Then I moved onto my ribbon.
I learned i need a BUNCH more clothespins.
But where to find them?
seriously? where can I find more?

Cupcake liners...
Yes, I hoard those as well...

I rescued these doorknobs from my grandparents/parents old grocery store.
i found them in the basement in a very dirty box. 
i took them all. 
I will have to take pictures of that place one day and share them with you. 
It's a cool OLD building, with lots of treasures as well as a bunch of old crap, I mean stuff that needs thrown out.

I love the rust and the hint of blue color.

So that's my organization for today.
Dinner needs made, again.
i think i will make these, they are so DELISH and I actually have all the ingredients. ;)
photo via 
Oven baked chicken fajita's, recipe can be found HERE

Are any of you fellow bloggers doing any spring organization?
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  2. Love the colors! I know what you mean about crafting- waiting for the urge to hit me again. Sometimes it does at 3 AM which isn't helpful. Love the doorknobs and can't wait to start buying washi tape. It looks like such fun. Lori

  3. You are clever! And yes, I've been in organizing overdrive.

    My daughter suddenly and unexpectedly lost her husband and organizing is the glue that is holding us together. Odd how a clean closet or drawer gives you control over SOMETHING when life feels out of control.

  4. Oh. The other day, I organized my stamps into some cute Target jars. And yesterday I spent way too much time organizing stuff in my sewing room. It felt good but it really shouldn't have taken as long as it did.

    I love your washi. And I love your blog header. And those fajitas look really good and they're probably healthy too so I will have to try those soon. Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. Great ideas. Where do you order or get your Washi Tape?

  6. I ordered a stash of clothes pins from Wal-Mart online. I actually bought and use them for the same thing as you! Cheap and surprisingly I haven't filled all of them yet. But I'm sure that day's coming! :)

  7. I love those door knobs too and those cupcake wrappers are very cute.

  8. Fun stuff!!! I have scrapped in FOREVER! Love the cupcake liners too! I think I've seen those clothespins at Hobby Lobby over here? Melissa

  9. Can't tell if my comment went through? So... Love Ribbon & Cupcake Liners too! I think I've seen those clothes pins at Hobby Lobby?


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