Tuesday, April 23, 2013

{ It's My 38th Birthday }

yup, it's my day today!
i've had a few reminders....

this was my favorite reminder early this morning. 

i also have a few things planned,

1. trip to the DMV to get my license renewed
2. spend 2 hrs at school for the human growth & development class with my oldest girlie
3. pick up kids from school
4. get a hair cut
5. clean the house
6. do more laundry
7. clean something

yup i am full of fun today.

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  1. Happy Birthday... Welcome to club 38!! I hope your day is AWESOME!!

  2. well i sure hope cake & ice cream make the list! happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday. I hope your list includes eating cake. You deserve cake.

  4. Sounds like a day in the Blessed life of a Mom!! Happy Birthday celebrating all of those blessings!!

  5. Hope your birthday was great! Sounds like you had a pretty exotic day! Mimi

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! Wishing you a fantastic year ahead!


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