Sunday, June 26, 2011

{ New Chickens...}

Last night we got 4 one year old chickens..
These girls are awesome, they already have layed 4 eggs!
sadly one got dropped by a little person....
We are super excited about having new chickens and my Parker is sleeping in the Camp Trailer in case our predators come back. Which they did this morning around 5 am, and yes the dogs belong to our neighbors. There are large teeth marks on the chickens house as the dogs were biting the roof of the nesting box.
So we get to go and have a little chat with our neighbors.
Should be fun.
But for now we are going to enjoy our new girls & home grown eggs...
Oh and the kids have affectionately named these chickens after the ones we lost on the 17th.
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  1. That is so neat. I wish we lived out of city limits so we could do that. My boys would love it.

  2. We had the same thing happen. Started with 4 chicks, we managed to keep 2 alive. We will be buying older chickens next time! Fresh egss, how fun!

  3. That sounds so fun for the kids! And yummy, as well.

  4. Oh my those dogs can be a real problem and sometimes the owners are just as vicious when you politely ask them to contain their dogs. I wish you luck and hope the girls keep on laying as sometimes trauma like the dogs after them can stall their egg production. I hope it doesn't in your case. Those eggs are the best eggs you can eat. Oh how I miss having my own chickens.

  5. Hooray for eggs! Maybe you could put an electric fence around them. That would keep the dogs away.

  6. Crazy dogs!

    Your eggs are gorgeous.

  7. I really hope the neighbors do something about their dogs. I wish you well in this endeavor.

  8. Yay, for chickens and eggs. I am still waiting patiently for our chickens to start earning their keep. Good luck with the neighborly chat!

  9. jealous.
    i want a coop so badly...


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