Friday, June 17, 2011

{ Our Chickens.... }

Way back in April we purchased some Baby Chicks that were about a week old.
and last night an animal (we don't know what kind) came and tore the bottom of the nesting box off and killed them.
Why do chickens have to be so delicious?
It's been a sad day at our house.
Don't mind the chicken poop. 
Some of the kids are taking it harder then others.
They've all decided that we need to get more chickens and hopefully we will someday soon.
Rest in peace Shelly, Yoko, Penny, & Eggbert.
The kids miss you already......
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  1. Aw, thats sad! Though we all probably love eating a chicken from time to time for dinner, it's different when we consider them as a pet. :( Sad!

  2. That makes me so sad for you! I saw you pinning cute chicken coops on pinterest and thought that you were going to build one to get chickens. I didn't realize you were looking at them to remedy a problem. We always had raccoons and skunks getting into our chickens when I was growing up. One year my parents found an owl that was getting them.

  3. My first guess would be a Raccoon. THey are mean and sneaky like that! So sorry!!! We had a problem with one and our Rabbit a few years ago!

  4. I hate that!! We are getting chickens at the end of the month and are worried about just this thing! I dont know a way to full prevent it though. So sorry for yall!

  5. Sooo sorry!! Nice names by the way--they sound very familiar to some chickens I use to know ;)

  6. Oh how sad! Loved the names,especially Eggbert:)

  7. Whaaaaaaa!!!!! We would be heart broken to lose our chickens. I'm so sorry!!

  8. That is horrible!! Seriously. I think I would have a hard time with it.

  9. My daughter just brought home four ducklings...her first grade class raised the mama. We had them fenced in mesh...(no roof though), but then, we put them in a small cage and then INSIDE a bigger cage at night. a cat stuck its paws in and pulled their poor heads out to kill them. Only one remained. Then, we put a roof on top and a mongoose dug a hole under the fence a gashed his eye out (still....cage in a cage)!!! Thankfully, we've nursed the one-eyed duck back to health. We have a much more secure set up. My kids took it really hard too. So sorry :(

  10. My friends baby ducks got eaten by raccoons. So sorry that happened to you.

  11. oh man Rachel... thats a bummer. You have my condolences. :) Dang food chain!

  12. How very sad!! I hope that you will all be feeling better soon.

    Sending hugs.


  13. We lost a couple of quail birds to local cats a few years ago. It was heartbreaking, especially after it happened more than once.

    I'm sorry it happened to your family!


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