Thursday, October 14, 2010

{ Happy Sweet 16!! }

Nope this post isn't about a birthday. 
I just want to tell a little something to my ultra fabulous, amazing, wonderful husband.....
Happy 16th Anniversary babe I you so much!
October 14,1994
Can you believe this picture.... Sigh....Young love :)
We were married here.
Portland Oregon LDS Temple, Photo via web
We aren't doing anything much for our Sweet 16 but, we do get to spend a little time together in about 2 1/2 weeks when we fly to Georgia for a week! 
Alright I better get off my Anniversary soapbox and get some shut eye, morning comes all to soon around here. 
Have a fabulous Thursday!
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  1. What a gorgeous picture! Happy anniversary.

    And I really like your new header!

  2. Happy anniversary!!!! 16 years is a long time! You guys are cute :)

  3. What a beautiful picture! Hope your anniversary is everything (and more!) that you'd hoped it would be! CONGRATS!

  4. Happy Anniversary... We will be celebrating TWENTY years in Nov. I can't believe it!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! What a sweet picture of the two of year.


  6. I love the picture. happy anniversary.

  7. Hope it was a lovely Anniversary!! I too love the picture!

  8. Hope you guys had a good one! It's amazing how fast it goes by.

  9. Happy anniversary! Time sure flies, doesn't it? Gorgeous picture of a gorgeous you. Mimi

  10. Whoa! How did you know I need to do this to my bunkbeds?> LOL

  11. Yay! Happy Anniversary! You guys are so cute!! What's crazy is that I remember getting your announcement in the mail with this picture! Yes, I might have only been 8 ;) but I still can't believe it's been 16 years!


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