Thursday, March 18, 2010

{ New Couches - Ikea Ektorp Style }

After donating these well loved couches to Deseret Industries
We went & got new furniture from here!
(this is my new favorite store if only it were a little closer to home)
Yes I fit ----- 1 Couch, 1 Love seat, 1 Ottoman & 4 pillows in my truck.
I love my truck!
That's right Cherry I sprung for the ottoman thanks for the tip! :)

We decided that the kids are still young enough that FINE FURNITURE will have to wait until they are older.
So enter Slip Cover Heaven!!

I love Ikea's details on their slipcovers, which I think are WELL BUILT!

My Mom bought me 4 pillows as an early Birthday present! I love that I can take the feather pillows out and make covers to match my other slip covers.
They are even Addison approved...
Don't mind her inside out clothing.
She dresses herself about 7 times a day.. Bless her.....

I have 3 slipcover sets. Don't get me wrong I love the solid beige covers but my WHOLE LIVING ROOM IS BEIGE, walls, couches........
And at this point it's just soooooooo darn BEIGE!
So here is my latest purchase.......
These were discontinued a couple years ago but thanks to eBay I now have a set for my new couches. I know that white slipcovers are all the rage right now but with 5 kids and 2 daycare kids roaming around,
White covers scare me a little...
Okay, they scare me alot...

As I put on my new slipcovers (after I iron them) I'll have to post pictures!
PS. The couches are holding up beautifully, much better then our last new set!
I love our new furniture!
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  1. Those look fantastic and I *love* the throw pillows. I'm now envisioning them in my house, LOL!

    ~ Sarah

  2. Love them... Everything looks AWESOME, I love slip covers...

  3. I love your new furniture! By the way, we have the same curtains! Except for yours have cute things at the bottom.

  4. I love Ikea and I love those pillows. One of these days I am going to buy them dang it! Great choices!!

  5. Good choice! Love the pillows too. I have white slipcovers for my ikea sofas, with four kids and they do get dirty faster, but they wash up fine.

  6. Rachel thank you for the comment on my post. We are deffinitly kindred spirits.You made my day...just knowing someone else likes to stay in their Pjs too is so comforting. I love you!

    And I love love love your new furniture! Can't wait to see them all dressed up with their "clothes" on. :)

  7. i. LOVE. them! they look so cozy! makes me want to come over so i can take a nap!

  8. I think they look awesome!! I agree with Cali, I can't wait to see them with their "clothes" on. I love the look of slip covered couches they just look so cozy. I have never been to Ikea but I read about them all over blog land.

    Thanks for sharing
    Kari Ann

  9. Hooray for Ikea! I like this set much better!

  10. Those are so great! Let us know how they hold up with the kids. Mimi

  11. I am so envious of your IKEA furniture! Someday I will get rid of our leather and get slipcovered IKEA furniture. In the meantime I have that same embroidered white throw pillow and it is one of my favorite pieces in the entire house. Congrats on your new stuff!!

  12. Ooh! I can't wait to see the big checked (plaid? whatever) slipcovers on. Those will be so cute!! That's so fun to get new furniture....My sofa has a huge whole in one of the cushions. I have to put a quilt over it until we can get new ones. Oh, someday...soon hopefully!

  13. OHMGOSHHHHHHHHHHhhhh whoottttt whooottttttt!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it! I want those checked ones....I wonder if i can find any on ebay? U go girl with the ottoman....I can't say no to extra storage! Congrats! cherry

  14. Hope you enjoy your new couches....they really are perfect for little kids (the washing thing) and how smart to get extra slip covers....wish I would have thought of that! Now I want to get the slipcovers in beige....because I love how yours look!!! Enjoy!

  15. Love your new stuff....I want to go to an Ikea one of these days.

    Oh and I gotta make the laudry detergent for my home also...gotta get that recipe.

    You have been a busy woman...can't wait to see the bed and your new hair cut.

    Have a great weekend!

  16. I dream of slipcovers!! They would be awesome to have!

    Congratulations on the fun new furniture!!

  17. Hey Rachel,
    I am also a EO gal. I met you at a RS thingie a couple years back. I live in Imbler now. I love your blog! I too have been checking out the Ikea couches (from afar of course! meaning internet) I would love to know what you think of them. we both know what a "great" selection of furniture stores we have! :) If you could drop me a line and let me know I would appreciate it.


  18. Looks wonderful!! Now I have a hankering to go to IKEA!!!

  19. We have the Ektorp corner sofa with the same tan slipcover...and LOVE it! I have a 2 year old and a big dog, and the sofa isn't any worse for the wear. The slipcovers wash really well and don't really look "worn" after washing. I can't say enough about Ikea!! :)

  20. ♥ Awesome! I'm not a fan of ironing... So do you have to iron them every time you put them on? I love the pillows!

  21. It looks GREAT and I bet the slipcovers will be PERFECT!!!!!

  22. Gotta love IKEA! Great choice and I can't wait to see it fully dressed!

  23. It's all beautiful & you've got mad truck packing skills. Great job.

  24. Those are the way to go with little ones. I have three boys and decided slip covers were the way to go. Plus I like to change it up every once in a while :) We've had our Ikea couch for a little over a year and I've already washed our slipcovers a few times. It's so nice!

  25. we are moving down there this weekend and are really excited...minus the fact that we don't know anyone!!! I haven't ever looked at your blog but it's SUPER cute! We should really get together and maybe you can show me the cool places around la grande. what ward you guys in down there? We'll be in 4th ward, i think that's it. We're staying in a little house out in the country area....all i know is they say we go to church not at the stake center at 1:00pm. anyway...hopefully we can connect sometime soon:)

  26. I was at IKEA on Saturday and saw those pillows. I really liked them! I am in the middle of redoing our living room also. All new paint, pillows curtins...

  27. I love the new slipcovered furniture and how I wished I lived closer to an IKEA as well. IKEA rocks!!!!!!!!

  28. Fabulous! i LOVE them! Very smart on the whole white thing. I too love the white trend-but with kids and a husband-so not realistic! Not even close!!
    Try steaming them. I don't know if you have a hand held one-but you could put th cover on and then steam them on the couch. I have a hand held shark steemer and it is the bomb! It cleans everything you ever wanted -but it would be wonderful for slipcovers. PLUS-you can get it at wal-mart and it's under 100 bucks.
    I am in need of some blog help. Wonder if your up to it. Of course I will pay you-lots! Cause I need LOTS of help!
    Email me and let me know

  29. Rachel...I love them!! Are they really comfortable, though??

  30. Looks wonderful. Oh and I have seen some companies that make slipcovers in cool fabrics for the IKEA lounges, just google ikea slipcovers and they pop right up. Just in case you need a change one day!

  31. I love Ikea, too!!! Have you seen their commercial where the wife drives a huge truck onto the lawn and then jumps out and heads back to Ikea for more great deals? My hubby says that would be my dream.


  32. those throw pillows will match my new couch perfect..time to stop in at IKEA when we head south.

  33. I was at IKEA in POrtland this past weekend....they had the pink covers for this couch for CHEAP, I mean CHEAP..think the couch cover was 7.99...I know it is PINK BUT....still it is an extra cover, had the automan cover too...might send someone in the Portland area over to take a look for you! (Can't remember but don't think you live in Portland)

  34. Thank you for sharing this! They look fantastic! Like EVERY option, I've heard good and bad -- have the cushions held up well? I love the look and the PRICE!! :)


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