Thursday, March 25, 2010

{ Getting Organized & A ? }

Yes I'm "trying" to get organized with all my craft/scrapbook stuff. We out grew this house about 2 kids ago which means I no longer have a craft room, and having my crafts in 3+ different areas is driving me to drink, or at least making me want to drink unhealthy amounts of caffeinated Dr. Pepper.
So I have bit the bullet and have designated one end of my bedroom (yes my bedroom) to all things crafty. I hope that being organized will help me get more things done. My husband isn't thrilled with the idea of having my crafts in our bedroom but in the words of Tim Gunn who says "Make it work" that is what I am doing.

Here is a sneak peek of what I have done so far, it's not much..... The red shelf will be painted white (thanks for the tip Tausha) on Saturday and sanded to death so she's more shabby chic.
Hopefully she turns out how I see her in my head, things are always prettier in there.

And while I try to get my life in order I am stitching like a mad woman trying to get all my Stitchery orders out the door. Man these babies are time consuming......
Don't worry ladies they are coming.

One bloggy ? for all of you out there.... 
How do some of you blog everyday?? 
Do you have actual magical powers that I don't? 
I can't seem to find the time to blog twice a week let along daily. 
Sometimes it feels like blogging is a chore and trying to come up with something to blog about that is super cute & cheap, yet completely awesome seems so daunting.
 How do you get it all done?
Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but I don't think I am alone here. Do any of you ever feel this way? Anyone.... Anyone......
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  1. Yes, it is tough. I feel that I can put posts out every day, but they would be crap. To come up with better stuff, I have to blog a bit less. I think that many people that have blogs where they post every day seem to do lots of giveaways, guest bloggers, recaps of other peoples work, or linky parties. So, lots of "fillers". I'm not saying fillers are good or bad, I'm just saying that it seems like that is one way most of the every day posters are able to do it. I also notice they don't tend to be tutorials, just a picture of what they did. The other side of things is that I think people go into this thinking they can blog great stuff every day and they try to, and a few months to a year, they find it took over their life and wasn't worth it so their blog goes under. I think the challenge here is to not burn yourself out. Post the way you want to, as much as your life allows, but no more. We want to keep coming to you, but that wont be possible if you overdo, get burnt out, and quit blogging. Good luck finding the balance (ah, isn't that what all of life is?....)
    Rebecca of the R&W Gals

  2. do you mind me asking where you get the frames for your stitcheries? I know how it feels to out grow a space, my 15 year old nephew is staying with us for a few months....IN MY SEWING ROOM ACK!

  3. I think some people who blog daily--don't. When they have a chuck of time they write a couple posts and then just do the post option to choose when they post. If I was smart I would do a weeks worth of blogs on Saturday afternoon (nothing happens at that time in my life), and then if I wanted I could always blog about something that happened during the week- :)

  4. i love the bIG red star and i LOVE LOVE LOVE my stitchery!

    i am trying to MAKE time everyday. but only when i have thought of something worth sharing...its becoming a "me" time, when the kids are in bed and the hubby is studying.

    BTW:you are an awesome blogger and i always enjoy reading what you post!

  5. are you going to the antique show in spokane?

    i might be going with my SIL!

  6. Looks good Rachel, I know the feeling we have out grown our home x3 or so... I actually feel gulity when I don't post and though I can't do it daily I try a few times a week... As it is I feel I have slacked the past month or so, and found that I hardly get comments now... oh well... I still love blogging...

  7. You always have incredible posts. I feel like mine are just such a hodge podge of sooo many different things. A recipe here, FHE there, craft here and family journaling there... It depresses me just typing this at how random I am.

    It is a habit though each night as my husband reads and reads and reads. Some are careful thought out and others just quickies that don't even have edited photos.

    I've had some ornery comments and emails about how I should just post crafts or just post things on photography or leave my religion out... BUT it is MY blog and I'm going to continue doing my random posts because that is just me!

    As for you, well I just LOVE your blog!

  8. I've wondered that same thing before. But like one of the other commenters said, they must do a few at a time and "schedule" them to show up for the different days. Some of my favorite blogs only do posts a couple times a week though. I think it's good because it kind of gives me something to look forward to or something to get excited about when I see they have a new post on their blog. If I see that they've posted every day, I opt to not read all of them ~ just the ones that catch my interest in my google reader thingy. You do great and I love your blog.

  9. Ooh Rachel, I see that is my stichery - love it!! Can't wait. And I am going to get those little girl clothes together soon!!! I don't have time to blog every day, no way. I like the idea one comment said to do a few posts when you have time and set them for a future date. Maybe when all our kiddos are in school we will have more time to blog ;o) Btw, love the new couches!

  10. I always love seeing what you blog about and your pictures are always beautiful.

    I started my blog as a journal for me, my family and my husbands family. So, a lot of mine has my daughter in it. I'm horrible with keeping everyone up on what we are doing and we all live in different states, so the blog works for that. Along the way I have added other things, recipes, crafts or whatever I want (after all it IS MY blog). I also LOVE all the like-minded people (along with a few rude ones along the that I feel are now friends. I usually post about 3 times a week, but if I have nothing to post about I don't. I also only work 3 hours a day (mornings) and only have one child so I am definitely not as busy as you are with your family.

    Hope you have a wonderful week and please, PLEASE blog when you want.♥

  11. I love your make it work motto! If you haven't noticed I can't blog like i used too! Life just has me hopping! If I have the house clean the laundry is behind. If I blog and have it all caught up something else seems to lack. So its all a balancing act:) Do what you can and enjoy the ride. I am trying to just let go of guilt and enjoy. My kids are growing up so fast.

  12. Oh and I read you no matter when you post. Always love it.

  13. I love your style girl...always have! How about a little flirty skirt for your bookshelf? I am horrible blog....I started out fst and furious..and have burned out. I don't really know what I am gonna do...but YES I know where you are coming from for sure! Ok how the couch etc doing? Lets see pics! I show mine if you show yours! xoxox,c herry

  14. Rachel, I love your blog. I wouldn't love it any more if you had posts every day. It gives me something to look forward to. I've had a personal blog for 3 years now and then started another one with my sisters and SIL. But it started taking over my life. And it became less fun. And I felt like I was doing things because of the blog. Not blogging because of something fun I was doing. KWIM? I think it is a hard balance. Sometimes it is nice to look at other blogger's lifes and realize their situation is often different from mine. They may be older with no kids at home, or have less kids, or just less other things going on in their lives. It helps me put it into perspective.

    Anyway, I love your blog. I would hate to see it becoming too much for you. Do what you can. I know your priorities are in the right place;)

  15. I FEEL THAT WAY TOO!!! There are women out there with more kiddos than me who seem to post ALL THE TIME. I can barely keep my head above water most days with our new kiddo :) (3 total, but still less than alot of you super-mommies)

    I have cut mine posts down to 3 per week: 2 crafts w/tutes (sometimes) and usually one giveaway or sponsor post. It's waaayyyyy more manageable, but I still start sweatin' it when I need to magically come up with something wonderful to post for my awesome readers. But.....then again, my house is ALWAYS a terrible mess because i would rather craft than clean ;)

  16. Good job carving out some craft space for yourself, though!!! That's important.

  17. I can't find time to blog each day either. I want to have a blogging notebook that I can jot ideas for posts in.

    Remember none of us get everything done everyday. Sometimes I schedule posts ahead of time.

    I love your idea for the red shelf. I have the same problem~everything always looks better in my head, too.


  18. i have always thought the same thing - i actually posted about that a little while ago. I just dont know how some people do it - and i swear some people must be on the computer all day - not only do they blog, but they use twitter, facebook,etc. All that exhausts me!!

    I have decided that if i want posts that are worth looking at, i need to spend time on them instead of just posting "crap" everyday just to post!

    Anyways i love your blog

    Sausha @ {show & tell}

  19. Hi Rachel! Got my picture - so cute, I love it! Thanks! I will work on those clothes before summer is gone!!!

  20. Oh yes, I totally feel that way sometimes. Especially lately because my life has been so stressful busy that I haven't had time to do anything blog worthy, let alone write about it.
    I ♥ your blog, and I'll read your posts no matter how often they appear. :)


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