Thursday, February 25, 2010

{ My New Furniture }

Well here they are! No this is not my house, for some reason my living room always has toys on the floor, so I have yet to get a great picture of them in my home.
BUT I WILL! I love the curves of these couches soooo much!
I really wanted to go with the leather but they sadly were out of stock.
The Ikea Slip covered ones I had talked to a couple of my friends about and my friend "Ellen" lives right next to Ikea in Portland and she said they are low to the ground.
The low to the ground bit had me scared. I have 10 foot ceilings and I kept picturing Hobbit Furniture in my house.

I am now searching for an Accent chair, I'm thinking this chair may be where my slip cover wishes come in. I promise to post a picture of my living room when I get all the stuff back up on the walls as we did some rearranging.
The throw pillows have the same fabric as the couches just on the other side, I tend to have those facing out more. Not sure how the print shown in the pictures is working for me. I suppose I need to go fabric shopping in the home decor isle as Joann's.
Well the natives are speaking to me in fluent WHINESE so I better get a couple of them down for naps.
Have a Fabulous Thursday!

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  1. ohhh la la. i can't wait to see what happens to when you "rachelfy" 'em!

  2. Very pretty. My sister has couches just like these and they are so versitile. You can decorate with dark or light colors. Good pick. :)

  3. Beautiful couches and they look very comfortable. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. I am pretty sure that you will still love these 15-20 years from now! I have a moss green set with the same cushion configuration and we have had them for 11 years. I hope you have a great time redecorating around your beautiful couch set!

  5. beautiful! I think it's my turn to go furniture shopping =)

  6. ♥ Very nice! I like the detail at the bottom!

  7. Oh, I do love it...I think I've even looked at that one, but won't get one until we no longer have the puppy!!!!


  8. These are almost like the new love seat I got last summer. I love it and it's so comfy! Mine are tannish gold though.

  9. Beautiful pieces! I know you must be so excited.

  10. I love them! I'll bet you don't want anyone to sit on them! That's the downfall with new things and kids. They will soon have the lived in look :). I would go for leather for your accent chair! In a similar style. I think it would compliment the other pieces well and then you can pick some nice fabric to bring it all in. So fun!

  11. elegant and beautiful, It has line and movement with the curves.

  12. very classic.

    but those pics are still teasers. we want to see toys on the floor!!!!

    The people demand realness!

    congrats, Rachel!

  13. We've been searching for a couch for months. I LOVE these. Do you mind telling where you got them?

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