Friday, February 26, 2010

{ Calling All RC Willey Locals }

If you have been to an RC Willey lately and have seen, touched, or sat on these couches could you PLEASE tell me what you think of them.
I know, how can I possibly have more couch question's right? It's a long story but I will tell about it later. Lets just say the only furniture I have in my living room at the moment is a rocking chair.
Here are the links to the Couch & Loveseat.
The closest RC Willey to me is 2 1/2 hrs away so I need some help and if you happen to have any info for me, I'll love you forever!!!

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  1. I wish I knew something about them. The style is the same as a loveseat I bought there last fall and I love it but I don't know if they're the same manufacturer or not. I bought mine through "Wild and Wacky Wednesday" on their internet site. Now and again on a Wed. they run special blow-out sales that you wouldn't believe. I got new office furniture on one of them and I've bought my love seat this way too. If it's over $300.00 they'll deliver it too. You might want to sign up on their internet site for emails so they can tell you about these sales. We're at a point where all our furniture is wearing out and we need new so this helps my budget a ton (married 28 years). If I get down to RC Willey in the next week or two I'll check them out for you. The good thing about RC Willey is if you don't like them after you get them home you have 14 days to call and have them pick them back up at no charge.

  2. I like the color of your other ones better if that matters!

  3. I've got one down the street from me. I will try and go today sometime this afternoon.

  4. oh, Man! if i lived near an r.c, i would totally go and sit/touch/jump/spill/sleep on these ones for you!

  5. Oh Rach... This doesn't sound good... {{hugs}}

  6. Coming out of lurkdom here. I was considering those couches for my home. My girls are hard on couches and the fabric seemed less likely to wear well. Quite honestly, they look a lot cheaper up close.

    There are my two cents, but if I am paying $$$ for couches, I want a fabric that can withstand my little ones.

  7. I still say go for the Ikea sofas. I have two Ektorp sofas in my family room and I love them. They are not low to the ground. I have 9 foot ceilings. They are like normal couches. I have four sets of slip covers, so while one is being washed one is always available to be on the sofa. I have four kids so they get washed alot. Good Luck!

  8. -k- here's the dealy-o. If you are using this in any kind of room other than a sitting room, do not get it. Like someone else said, the fabric is not sturdy. It's 100 % cotton, & the cushions are fairly hard. It's very cute, but not very functional unless it's not going to be used much or if you have neighbors over you don't want staying very long, lol. The arms of the couch or shorter than the cushions (not that that matters, just and FYI). The salesman was very helpful and very honest. He gave me a card and said if YOU have anymore questions to give him a call His name was Kelly Holmes and his # is (801) 830-6011 that's his cell. He was really helpful. He also spouted some info on warranty stuff that I didn't write down, cuz I was in a hurry. If it were me, I wouldn't get it, but then again I don't have a sitting room right now. I think my sis is crazy when she said Ikea couches are low to the ground. They may be a little lower, but they are not like sitting on the ground. We have huge mircofiber couches from RC's and love them.


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