Sunday, August 09, 2009

{ He's a Hugger! }

Yup this little man of mine ♥'s to give hugs.
You can be doing the most random of chores and suddenly you'll feel a little pair of arms wrap around your waist. I love this boy and am enjoying his hugs, as I know all too soon he's going to get to that age where hugging just isn't cool.
So keep them coming my little man I love them & 
I love you.
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  1. Yes, I have a little man like that too! He's 12 and will still hug me and tell me he loves me!

  2. What a sweet post... Gotta love sweet hugs from our kiddos. They all grow up way too fast.

  3. How sweet. I totally understand, I have one of those darlings myself!

  4. Sweet! Maybe almost 17 year old tells me everytime he leaves or hangs up on the phone he loves me...I have to say that is pretty special at his age!

  5. Awwww. I feel you on that one! You have to enjoy every single one! I too will be sad of the day that that won't be cool.....I actually hope it never happens!!

  6. There is nothing better than a pure, spontaneous, full-of-love hug! What a doll!

  7. Enjoy them while they last. Nothing better then little kid hugs!


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