Friday, August 07, 2009

{ A Good One Gone, But Not Forgotten }

 learned this morning while watching GMA that John Hughes has passed away from a heart attack on Thursday.

I grew up watching SO MANY of his films and I own several of them.
(Sigh....I loved the 80's)
Some of my favorite's are:

Pretty In Pink
Sixteen Candles
She's having a Baby
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The Great Outdoors
Uncle Buck
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
Mr. Mom
Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Some Kind Of Wonderful
And many more. I don't think movies like his will ever be duplicated, he made the 80's in an entertainment sense a great place to be.
Thank you John Hughes

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  1. Oh I heard about that it is sad, I loved sixteen candles, and still do to this day, I thought it was a wonderful movie as a girl, and couldn't wait to get to High School. Have a wonderful evening.


  2. I know!! What a bummer. He has the best movies!!Most of those are in my favorite movies of all time category!!hmmm....sad....

  3. ♥ He definetly had a ton of great movies!

  4. To be honest, I had no idea who he was until I read your post. I do know his movies though! I love a lot of the same ones you do, and I think that says something in itself.

  5. Oh wow did not know. I loved the 80's they are one of a kind! What a nice post this was. Way to remember him.


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