Thursday, June 18, 2009

{ Pottery Barn Book Love }

I love a good book and when I checked out one of these from our local library I  knew I had to get them for myself. 
So with some $ burning a whole in my pocket I purchased these Pottery Barn books from Amazon. (used of course, see I’m all about recycling :)
The most I paid for any of them was $3.00 and the least $1.99. I think for all the them I paid around $23 smackers & that includes the shipping! Ya can’t go wrong with a bargain like that. They are older books but the ideas from Pottery Barn never change, plus the books are in awesome condition so I’m glade I took the plunge.

Thank you Baltimore County Public Library, this Oregonian loves this book.
And I have to say Thank You to Arah for giving me the lowdown on this little Snack container cutie. Can you say Wal-Mart for $6.00 please? :)
Well I better get finished cleaning the house, my Mom is coming today!
 Have a Fabulous Day!
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  1. Have fun spending time with your mom. I love the snack bin.

  2. Wow, love the snack bin!!! It's so retro/vintage looking. It's hard to believe it's Walmart.

    Great deal on the PBarn books! Looks like fun reading.

  3. Queen of the Deals...I bow down to you!

  4. oh that snack container is c.u.t.e! I might have to sneak into Wally world for that, we don't shop there!

  5. Great buy on your books!

    I bought the same snack holder also today...I thought it was so cute...I also bought an extra one to spray paint for something else...guess I am going outside the box with this crafty stuff since I am NO crafter like many of you!

  6. oh man i'm gettin on amazon and buying me some books! seriously you always find the greatest deals!

  7. I see you were just at Simplify. . .I think I will go there next. . I just want to be like Rachel:) You rock!

  8. Score! I check out a couple of those from my library as well...they don't have all of them though. boy that snack tin has been quite popular...LOVE that red! cherry

  9. Oh I am SO jealous! But SO happy for your major book score!

    That snack tin isn't too shabby either. You rock on with your bad self!

  10. I love pottery barn too. I used to go crazy because I would memorize there catalogs but could never afford the things in them. And I could never quite capture the look on my own. Now I just have my own look...Its called "crazy barn" What do you think? Should I market that? HA

  11. ooh, I'm loving those pottery barn books. Might need to go check them out then splurge myself!

  12. I love me some PB catalogs- But, shhh don't tell: I have been cheating on them lately with the Ballard Design ones... Too much fun stuff to look at!!!

  13. What a fun find! Can't wait to see what you do with all the great ideas you'll come up with ~ happy reading!



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