Tuesday, June 16, 2009

{ I ♥ Tassels }

I have this bloggy friend Jo who bought some Peonies from my Etsy store and when I realized that she had an Etsy store of her own I couldn't help myself, I approached her with the idea of doing a little trade. I'd make her some Pressed Peonies and she a Tassel for me well she is such a good sport because she said YES!!
And here is my Lovely Tassel!!

I was so excited when she finally arrived, I mean look at it next to my bedding!!!
And she even looks awesome at night ;)
So THANK YOU JO!! I truly love it, and ladies, you really should check out her Etsy store BeesandFleurdelis she's got some awesome tassels in there.
Jo I hope you don't mind that I ahem "borrowed" your tassel picture. :)
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  1. So pretty. Love it!

  2. So cute!! Sweet of her to swap with you!! I think that is great to be able to trade goods with another crafter!!

  3. Oh fabulous. It goes perfectly with the bedding!

  4. You find the cutest things and it totally fits you. Enjoy!

  5. It looks fabulous with your bedding! I'm so happy you like it.


  6. What a great swap! Your sweet flowers for a tassel...good deal. That is always so much fun!

  7. Great you can trade with other crafty ladies!

    Such cute tassel...I love tassels myself and have bought stuff to make one but have not attempted yet...but will do sooner or later.

  8. Hey Rachel, I got the snack box in the seasonal isle where teh 4th of July and picnic stuff is located. There is a water/lemonade dispenser there too, but I didn't want to spend the $18 for it.

  9. Love the tassels! Thanks for sharing! I was wondering if your doing any Peonies for the 4th of July? I am in desperate (ok maybe not desperate :) but would really LOVE some for my 2 girls! They are adorable! I love your blog! Keep up the great work!

  10. Swaps are a lot of fun...I have done two now...great way to have some good ole fashion fun with no money involved. OHHH love the tassel. cherry


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