Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's Your Hurry Murray?

What is with this 7 1/2 month old girl, this is what I found her doing on Friday night. Here she goes again, always in a hurry this one is.
Pictures taken June 13th 2008

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  1. She's gotta keep up with her siblings. Good thing you got pictures of this since lloyd seems to be sleeping thru it all. :) Way to go kid, keep up the good work! (Sure has been fun watching her grow on here).

  2. At first I was paying attention to Addison in the pics and then I noticed Lloyed and laughed because he looks completely out by the last pic. haahhh

  3. I hate it when they grow up to fast!!! I jokingly tell people I push my kids down to keep them from walking a little longer!

  4. Holy Pete!!! Watch out, next she'll be trying to drive...With Corbin as her teacher.

  5. Yeah she is way to little to be doing that!


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