Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day

Father's Day this year consisted of:

Breakfast of Pancakes with strawberries & cool whip with a side of sausage.

Church which we were early for.

A now happy baby who broke through another top tooth which gives her a grand total of 5.Lunch of Beef roast, potatoes, and steamed carrots.

A 3 1/2 yr old who thought dessert (The Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake) was so good he had to have 2nd helpings plus he licked his plate clean. Recipe link hereGifts for Lloyd, I made him an Altered Pen holder for work (thank you Wal-Mart clearance section, only $2 bucks, the love of mod podge & the ability to craft under pressure at the 11th hour) I also got him a Craftsman tool bag & Craftsman cell phone holder. Had to give him something a little manly after the foo foo scrapbook gift. Nope no photo of those I know you girls aren't here to see manly stuff! Just don't laugh at my thrown together gift.

The pencil holder before it's altered state.Going to Lloyd's parents to wish his Dad a Happy Father's Day and to share some of the Sheet Cake Love.

And I managed a quick couple of shots of Lloyd & the kids while at his folks house I couldn't help it, his mom's flowers are so pretty right now. Here is the Happy Father's Day shot and........ I told all the kids to look at Lloyd, & they did and this is the face I got from dear ole' dad. Err?? Happy Fathers Day??? Lets just say I could laugh and I did!

Happy Fathers Day Lloyd, you know we love you tons! And we so appreciate how hard you work for our family. Hope you had a Fabulous Day!

And the same wish goes out to my Dad Max and to Lloyd's Dad Don! We love you both!

If you managed to make it through that montage of photo's and gibberish, you deserve a treat so come on over I'll share some chocolate sheet cake with ya!

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  1. Very nice!
    Rick just got a $4.99 shirt from JCP which was pushing it! :) We did steak on the grill for my dad. On to the next holiday. Eat some sheet cake for me since i can't exactly come on over but i'd love to. Thanks for the offer.

  2. man, we left a day too soon. Even after all the wedding cake, chocolate sheet cake sounds yummy! It was fun to see you too!

  3. Oh man don't tempt me - I love that stuff!! Cute gift and pics!

  4. Those are great pictures! Looks like you guys had a great day! Happy belated fathers day Lloyd. Enjoy the sunshine.

  5. The pictures are amazing! And your crafts......what's to say? You do it all? :)

  6. Ummm...sign me up!! The sheetcake was SO good when I made it...

    Dang it, now I'm craving chocolate, I should make some!

    (But Matt's suits are getting tight, so I have to limit how much good stuff I cook! ;))

  7. what a great day! Love the gift-- too cute! ANd, fun pictures!!

  8. That turned out good. i thought you bought it first before I read what you wrote.
    I almost made pancakes with strawberries and whip cream. We settled for scramble eggs and left over corn bread instead.hhahaah poor Glen. He got jipped this year..then again..I did too.

  9. Wow you really know how to do Father's Day! You are making the rest of us look bad (just kidding). What great food and gifts. Love the photos.


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